Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home Made FUN: How to make a Kinder *Play Tree house....

For a long time I have been wanting a pretend & play treehouse for the kinders....
There are some really adorable ones out there.. but also pricey. They range from $75-$125.00 plus shipping.  So I decided to make one.
And here is my little Tutorial!

Here were my inspirations:

                             Here is what I did. I found an old wooden plant stand for just $2. 

Differant sizes and levels.... Look at all the options of what you can create!!

You can find these at Thrift shops, and yard sales and even on Ebay...
I then found some flat pieces of wood.. a few of mine were old butcher cutting boards.. I found at a flea market for $1 each. And another is a craft plaque... you can find these at your local craft shop or here. They are not expensive..

I bought some "ladders" at the Pet store in the Bird section for .79-1.00 each. I unscrewed the hooks and they were the perfect size.

Next ,I used Gorilla Glue to glue the wooden pieces right on top of the plant stand.
I used heavy books to hold it down while it dried, as gorilla glue expands! 

                                                                             Here it is!

I made a hammoc by just sewing together a few scraps of canvas fabric. Cut the sides with pinking shears for extra cuteness, And hung it with yarn.

After I let it dry for a few hours, I then hot glued small wood branch slices for the steps. These you can find in a craft shop or go outside and have the Daddy in your house cut you some. I bought mine in a store in france, for $1 euro. I washed them and let them air dry. Then I glued them on.

I hot glued some more pieces together to make little chairs and a table.

                       I then used green felt ( grass) and glued it down on the bottom level. 

                              I  hot glued some rocks, and some craft faux mushrooms. 
                            In the End I don't think I spent more then $10 for everthing!

KT loves it and plays with it all the time.
It fits her Callico Critter toys perfect!

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  1. OhmyHECK! This is the cutest idea-- and so much fun! I have boxes of the old Maple Town and Sylvania dolls from when I was a little girl {is that what these little guys are too?} and am definitely going to make this when my little girl is big enough to play with them.

    I LOVE ideas like this... Taking throw away type stuff, adding some love and creativity, and making a super cool, unique thing, for super cheap :) You rocked this one!!

  2. So impressed this is a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing with us. I am inspired and will share if I am ever to source some suitable materials for the project. Well done. Blessings, Renelle

  3. So creative and thrifty to use thrifted plant stands! I've been wanting to do this and this makes it so much more doable. Thanks for the inspiration! Great job too. =)

  4. Wow! Very creative! What a great way to reuse an old plant stand. Thanks for sharing on It's Playtime. I'm sharing this on FB right now!

  5. Gorgeous! I've long been eyeing off those beautiful tree houses too - with school holidays coming up I think you've inspired me to give it a go creating my own.l

  6. This is so very creative!


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