Friday, May 14, 2010

How do you encourage dad to be involved in your homeschool?

I read a great article today~!

Involving Dad in your Homeschool over at Simple Homeschool. I really appreciated all Renee shared and wanted to share it with you! This is a great read for Moms & Dads.

In our home, yes, I am the primary teacher as some would say. I read all the how to books, the curriculum reviews, get the lessons together, etc...  But the Daddy in this house, is becoming more involved in our children's "schooling" everday. 

 One thing we are going to do while daddy is away, is sending him 7 stories a week, so he can read it to the kinders over the webcam.

 And He is going to start the Book the Story of the World vol 1 with JT one night a week,  and that is going to be fun for both of them I think. Daddy is a History buff, and who better to teach History then? =)

I am so blessed that He wants to be part of their schooling, while home or far away. He is always so eager to join in whatever we are doing at home, and loves to take part in any outings. Not only is great bonding time for the children, but I think that ultimately being involved in the schooling as often as he can; really brings our family closer. 

I have been learning to step back, and just let dad be dad in the way he shares things. Sometimes I think the way he shares things are way over the kids heads..only to see he was right on and they totally get it!

Sometimes I want to and do, step in and say..."here is a better way".. and I need to let DAD do his thing HIS way... He has so much to offer, and I want to do what  I can to include him throughout our Schooling Journey.  As Renee says STAND BACK.  and SUPPORT DAD -DIRECTED LEARNING. =)

And when I do stand back, I get to capture these moments!

What are some things  you do to encourage Dad to be involved in your homeschool?

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