Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer days

We are still working threw our Peter Rabbit study. I hope to finish it this week, and then I am going to take a break from Five in a Row for a few weeks, and focus on Unit Studies.  I am mostly trying to get caught up on the household side of things, and the kids started Swimming lessons, and that's going to keep us in town more often that I personally like, another reason to take a break, we just have several things going on during the week, that makes official school hard... While we are trying to homeschool through the year, it's not going to hurt to take a few weeks off. =) With Daddy coming home in november, and possibly traveling to Korea next year a few times... We think it's best to school year round... to allow for all our breaks. 
I have been working on getting our 2010 -2011 schedule together and everything printed out for our studies etc...
we have been collecting some great school things from yard sales, and lots of new books!
For now here are some pictures of our days..... and what we have been up to the last few weeks!

more letter fun for KT
reading reading reading.

Kt doing her chores and listening to her mp3 player!
i was looking EVERYWHERE for my sunglasses that day
our garden is starting to produce some strawberries!

Jt and Grandma
Jt's First Full moon! He was so excited! He is never up late enough for when it gets dark here, so this was a rare and special treat!

Kt bringing games to the local orphanage. They had a good time.
flower shopping.

Kt got a birthday card from papa T... she was thrilled! here she is in the van opening it.

playing "finding nemo"

we went to a Rock "show" it was great! the kids LOOOOVED it!
we brought home a few rocks for our collection. and saw some really neat things!

JT picked out a Dinosaur tooth for our collection! How cool!  Thanks for visiting our family this week!


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