Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday JT

My little man is 7!!!!!

He had a Puppy Beach Party =) I love that he still loves puppies. I love that he wanted to have his birthday at home, ( i gave him several choices) and that he loved having just his family. We decided a few years ago to stop doing large parties, and opted for family and a best friend or two as they got older to spend the day with them.
 I always felt like I was so busy that I wasnt able to fully see my children enjoy their special day. plus it did cost $$$$,  and stress... and... =)  I still go all out and decorate as if 30 people were coming. =) And birthdays are a BIG deal around here, but to us at this time in our life, there is something special to having our birthday babies all to ourselves. =) Daddy wasn't here this time, but he graciously woke up in the middle of the night his time to sing with us over the web cam. =) Thanks Daddy!!

Jt and his BEST friend =) They love each other.... She was so excited for his birthday, I think more excited for him, than he was! And he was excited! I overheard her in the morning downstairs as they were looking at all the surprise decorations I hung... she said " oh, Happy birthday brodder!!!" it was so genuine and sweet!

Jt cooked the entire birthday dinner!!! his specialty... Scrambled eggs, biscuits and bacon! He did awesome!

Papa and Gramma and Nino For the festivities!


Jt's surprise cake! =) I wanted to get a good laugh, and I did!

And Sir Henry- the cousin in the family!!! He had fun too!

The rest of my pictures were on my iphone, and i dont know how to take them off yet, But he had a wonderful birthday and recieved wonderful gifts!! So much thought in each, they were ALL his favorite! =)

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