Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Bucket List Series : Tea Party

Summer bucket list #1


Have a Tea party that is fancy, elegant, and looks expensive... But it isn't!

I made some Tissue paper Pom Poms, and hung them from the trees. We brought out our coffee table, and covered with a white sheet, and some table linens from the second hand store.

we had a spare table set up ... the kids wooden picnic table...

Making the large Pom Poms really added that special "umph" (is that a word?) to the event.  Cost : $5!

The big girls sat at our patio chairs, and I co-ordinated the colors for them in Green's and purple's...

We bought Tea Cups from second hand shops and they are all mis matched. Perfect!!!

I went through my jewelry, and brought out my grandmother's jewelry, jewelry I have had since I was a kid, and some other chunky pieces I had.... Took a mirror (hanging in the house) and laid it on top of  a stool, and then layed the jewelry around on it.  Voila! A "Prett'ys " Station!

 What a fun way to dress up for the party, and the girls felt special using real jewelry.

This little sweetie, wore all the rings on ONE finger. =)

Next; the Dress up Station!
Hats, fur scarves, feather boas......
I set up a Girls  tulle bed canopy in the trees around the dress up station, It looked so whimsical!

We set up another mirror against the tree, so they could see themselves in their new attire.

Just a simple basket filled with all the items.

Mama and the little K Kinder!

Now they are set for the party!

Each mama brought WONDERFUL desserts and finger foods for the party. With everyone pitching in, it was a great success!

Aren't these cupcakes adorable????? Thanks JEN!

Yummy goodness!

We served pink lemonade... And another Mama shared a lesson on the Proper way of drinking Tea.
It was alot of fun!

After tea, we set out bowls of beads for the girls to make their own jewelry to take home with them.

Now we can't have these little girls all dressed up without some photos can we?

I have an old children's bench, I set it out with our front door garden plants next to it.. instant photo spot!

The Girls felt really special today I think.... I know my little K did.... She really enjoyed it.

My little Princess....

So many cute little toes...

Each little girl went home with their own Tea cup, and a lemon drop candy favor, and the necklace they made.

Tea Party Cost: 10 Girls

Tea cups $3 each ( each parent paid $3 for the tea cups per child) all mis matched
Dessert plates (real china) $3 for all (second hand store) all mis matched
Tissue Pom Poms $5
Linens $8 (second hand store)
white sheets for table FREE
Tables, mirrors, stool, little chairs - FREE ( all from around the house)
Flowers from front porch
Table flowers $2 each from grocery store ( dropped into containers I already had)
Food: Each family brought a dish to share
Pink lemonade $2
Paper bags to take home goodies: $5.00 for 10
Lemon drops $5.00 for 10

Total cost of TEA PARTY for hostess : $34.00

Now that's a TEA PARTY!

Don't forget to have the girls bring a friend!


Some Wonderful Books!

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Have a great week!

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Our Country Road said...

Oh my goodness, what a party!! I am sure your little girl loved it!!

Messy Kids said...

Great idea for a party! Thanks for sharing on It's Playtime.

Holly said...

Oh my gosh...this is absolutely adorable. I am a new follower.

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