Sunday, November 6, 2011

Put on the Armor of God....Unit Study

Our family Bible time last season was Warrior prince for God, and Princess with a purpose.

We studied the Armor of God together, and and watched the Dvd's and did several activities for our bible time over the whole season. It was alot of  fun, and perfect for their age.  I would say this was great for up to age 8 or 9.

Today I would like to share some of the resources we used. I encourage you to do this study with your young ones! They will love it!

  When our study  was completed this summer, I gave each of the children a special gift to remember their study. I gave Justice an Armor of God Bible engraved with his name. He calls it his  first "REAL" Bible!

 I gave kyree a necklace with the Shield of faith..(Since she is 5 I wanted to wait a little longer before I give her a fancy bible. =)
                                                                         from CBD  only $5.99

 And then when daddy came home to visit this September, We took the kinders to see some castles and "real life" Knight Suits with a little bit of History to tie it all together. Being blessed to live in Germany made this pretty easy! =)

We went to visit Cochem Castle and Burg Eltz.   
  The kinders had the best day!

We spent the afternoon enjoying the tours of the castles and walking around the village of Cochem. We "spied" Many a Knight in Armor!

Below is KT with a 12 year old girls suit of armor. This young girl from the Burg Eltz castle died in battle.

This is the largest Suit of Armor in Germany it's over 7 feet tall. It was a replica, but so VERY cool!

                                               Here in a bakery window a Castle Truffle delight!

Stain glass windows in the castle..... great for the little kinder... counting all the things in the windows during the tour!

                                            We spotted several Men in Armor that day!

                         Below is  a picture of our family the first time we visited Cochem castle.

                                                            7 years later... in the same spot!

On the way there we read lots of stories about Castles !
Whenever we travel or go on a field trip; I put a basket in the car of books according to what we will be visiting. The kinders are free to browse and enjoy looking at them, and when I can I will read to them too!

Some books we brought along:

It was a great Trip!

We also have a few other resources we used for our studies:

If you don't have time to do a full Armor of God study; then at least buy this book! You can read it over and over probably forever... One of the BEST books we ever purchased.

And for the girls...

We also purchased the activity books that go along with the Dvd's .

I also printed several coloring pages online for the kinders for many of the Armor of God lessons.

                                                                      A great poster!

For the Girly,
Part of the study was instead of taking your mirror to look at yourself, you angle it up towards the Lord so you can reflect HIM!
                                                           This is from Melissa and Doug

For older girls a great page to have is:
coloring page

Online resources:

And don't forget some costumes!

we gave these to the kinders after our study... They love to play in them!

Thank you for visiting!
Have a wonderful week!

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