Sunday, December 18, 2011

Countdown to Christmas...What do we do?

Merry christmas!

Are you enjoying this Christmas Season? We are!

I have had so many things I would love to share the past month;"homeschooling" related... But I just didn't have time! And you probably don't have the time to read it either! =)

 Our days have been filled with everything except official "school" this season... but filled with many memories for the kinders... and I love that!

Lots of crafts, Christmas parties, movie nights, story time, and baking....

Here is what the Kinders and I have been up to the past few weeks..... In pictures!

Being part of the military means saying goodbye to dear friends even during Christmas time. Boo!

                      German  Christmas market.... Kinders had their first Cotton Candy. BIG treat!
Took the folks, and headed out to our favorite Market. This market is special because they have REAL camels for their Nativity. The Kinders even dipped their own candles.

                                                                     Isn't that so cool?

                                                              Beautiful Nativity scenes....

Bingo Night, with hot chocolate and mini prizes! Totally un-planned and SO fun!

                                                                    And For mama.....

I was finally able to make christmas quilts for the  Kinder's  beds this year. I have been wanting to do it for YEARS.... so excited! I also made pillows for our bed. I have made a few christmas gifts for the kinders as well (maybe I will share after christmas) , and other gifts for friends (the cute baby doll christmas set on the left) .

With all the quiet time in the evenings (lack of husband) I have been able to pull it off!

 Now all our rooms are totally decorated for this beautiful season...


We also did a little Needle felting. This was a GREAT craft for the kinders. I totally recommend it!
We started out with covering a simple foam cone.

This advent season we are doing daily lessons from Truth in the Tinsel.

We LOVE it!
The kinders look forward to the craft everyday, And they hold me to it! =)
25 Crafts....Simple lessons,  And each one from things you can find around your home. I highly recommend it!

                                Lots of Christmas parties.... And lots of goodies to share!

                                          I bought this from amazon.. it was alot of fun!
                                         The kids were AMAZED. You gotta get one!

                                        Just another one of those pointless...yet fun things!

We are also doing a 12 Days of Christmas Story countdown.

1 Story a night ... till Christmas...

I have carefully chosen each of the Christmas stories.
I ordered many from the Library (and some from amazon) and placed them each in a Fabric Gift bag (that I use for our Christmas gifts instead of paper) and placed them under the tree.
Each night they take turns picking a random package!
The stories have been perfect. We have found some to add to our permanent collection, and others that have brought tears to our eyes. And the deep conversations that come from them have been wonderful memories.

Many of these also tie in well for our "Around the world" Christmas lessons.

Here are the titles I have chosen:

                                                              amazon source list

After 18 months of being away from the family, my husband is coming home NEW YEARS DAY!

                                      Our family will celebrate Christmas when he returns!!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

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Linda said...

Your pictures are totally inspiring! And even though it is not official schooling, the time, energy, and joys you share with your children will teach them many things. I am glad that your husband will be returning shortly, this must be a very exciting time for you all.
The melting snowman cookies are adorable, and we might just try something like them this week.
Merry Christmas, and happy homecomings!
Homeschooling mom an "only" who is happy to cook, clean, and even do windows...just don't ask me to be my kid's creative writing tutor!

MT said...

As always you are wonderfull!

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