Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hands on Economics

Something our family does on the side, is buy/fix up/sell furniture here and there. It's something we enjoy (Well, something I ENJOY) and it's great to make some extra $$ when we can.

As a matter of fact, this has been something my kinders have been around their whole lives:

(roadside find)

                                                       His very first furniture he painted.

Always a helper!

So, we were out at a second hand store, and I thought it was time for JT to invest in his first piece.
It was a big deal!
He was very excited.

We found a solid wood Drink Cart for 3 Euros. It was old, wobbly and clearly weather worn.

  With his own money he purchased it with hopes of making some good $$$. =)
 (3 euros is alot of money to the little kinders)

We came home, he tightened the screws on the wheels. I taught him how to sand it down and then showed him how to stain furniture and he re-stained it, with a little help from me. But not much! He wouldn't let me help. =)

I have never seen him work so eagerly. LOL!

Afterwards He put on wax to give it a nice shine.

He photgraphed it and we  listed it on a local online site.
It sold within 1 hour for $20!
Now that's ALOT of money to one of our kinders.

Not to shabby for a 7 year old on his 3 Euro investment.

Without his Savings, he wouldn't have been able to purchase this investment piece.

He is learning how to take part of this profit, and re-invest in another piece, invest in some mercury dimes(a new lesson for the next few weeks), save some, and tithe.

He is a natural Saver. My Daughter on the other is NOT. She will gladly  spend her money the minute she has some. JT takes FOREVER to decide on what to spend his money on. Which is a good thing. =)

Things JT  learned through this experience:

Manual Labor
Pride in a job well done
Recognizing potential
Value of Capital

Some Books we are reading about $$$$$:

(Daddy is reading this to the kinders a few nights a week )

Books I would like to get as we continue learning:

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woohoo! JT is in the business! What a fun project for him!

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