Saturday, October 13, 2012

Celtic Unit Study

We went on an awesome field trip a few weeks ago to a local Celtic village Museum called Keltendorf.
But before we went, we did a quick 2 day study on the Celts.

Who were they?

 Why are the so popular today? 
What about those amazing knots they make?

 Surprisingly there isn't to much online for KIDS about these cool people! So I just put together my own lapbook (gasp!) with some basic info, and we were set for our adventure!

We talked about the cool Celtic knots... And colored one online. 

We learned that they didn't write to keep track of their own History, but told story after story to keep it going... it wasn't until the Romans came in, that the Romans wrote down what we know today.

KT's chosen sentence of the day and her little round house....

We have a favorite Geography songs Cd ... This is the printable from the activity guide that goes with it. The song was of the British Isles.  We discovered that they Celts lived in many places in Europe even as far as Turkey!

                 Finally, we cut out and colored a Celtic Cross, then glued it to a large sheet of paper..

We read an excerpt from The Story of the world Vol. 2. It was a great story for the kids! ...  Watched a few you tube videos and read a little bit online from BBC on Iron Age Celts

That was pretty much all I had at home for our impromptu Adventure!

                                                      Each room was a mini Museum.

Each Child was able to make a craft on site. KT chose to make a leather purse, while JT made a wooden arrow for his bow from scratch!

                                        Here, they had a chance to hold a shield and fight !

                                                     KT trying out the grinding stones.

As part of afternoon they included traditional lunch. Soup & apple juice. =)  The kids had a GREAT afternoon!

Did you know the Celts were the first to use Soap? And they really weren't dirty and barbaric? =) 
A fascinating people.. 

Thanks for visiting!!! 

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Christine said...

Very nicely done! I love those impromptu little studies. Always adds extra spice to the week. :)

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