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Corduroy Lapbook FIAR

Hi! Well this posting is late...we have all been terribly sick with the flu the last 2 weeks. This set us back a bit. =) Even I am still struggling with a cough. Yesturday was our first day out, and we all were glad to get out! Then the Lord blessed us with a bee-autiful sunny day today! So we spent a few hours outside spring cleaning, we cleaned out the garden, and even took Naughty Buster for a walk. Hopefully he won't be so naughty anymore...I have been watching the "Dog Whisperer" and I am thinking things are going to change around here with him. =) For those of you who don't know, we don't have "TV" here. For the last few years, Daddy downloads shows that we love and we watch those in our spare time... But this Christmas Papa T got us a Slingbox, and we (daddy and mommy) are loving it!! We can watch TV in the states from our computer "live", and it's very exciting... So while I am behind in everything on TV, we are currently loving seasons of The Dog Whisperer, Extreme home makeover and HGTV. =)

Okay....On to our Lapbook Study of the last week. With the kids sick, we were lucky to even get this done. =) But Kt was more ambitious than brother, so I actually did alot more school with her this week. she is my busy body. =)
YEAH! All done!!! I was a bit surprised by how much JT and KT enjoyed this. But so glad they did!
Here is KT's lapbook. They each did a few differant things in their lapbook, becuase of their age.

I didn't find much out there on Corduory lapbooks, so most of these things I found myself online. and I made the cover page myself. you can find the corduory coloring pages here & here
here, she is doing a furniture color page. count how many, and following directions
I took some coins that we were learning about in more detail, and just taped them front and back and made a pocket for them. She is learning about money now. but VERY basic.

Here is a little flapbook we made and the quarter page was nice and big for her to really see.

She loved the piggy bank paper .. I wish we had gone out and bought a real piggy bank for this project. that would have been fun. ! we talked about saving our money, and Here we learned about pennies....

In the book, the girl sews a button onto Corduroy's overalls, So I added some Sewing Fun to their lapbook study. These were fun, and they learned some new words ..thimble, thread, ( they always say string) pin cushion.... here is the inside of our SEW FUN page. There are some more great ideas for this here

My Rhyme: This was fun, Kt had to retell the story, and paste and color. also on the end was apattern button match. To easy for her. =) But still cute. Homeschool share has more resources.

Button Sorting. This kept Kt busy for a while. I had these already, and we sorted by color, then by shape. see my nice stained muffin pan? =) shhh, it's my favorite. I got in E. Dehillerin,
a kitchen store dating back to 1820 that Julia Child had shopped regularly. ( I have been waiting for a day to brag about my awesome pan. he he he)
Here's my little man, doing some pages.

and this is his labook, a few differant things.

Our bible verse, and his piggy bank booklet. We also talked about how the little girl asked her mommy to buy the bear, and her mommy said "no." the little girl didn't throw a fit, and she had good manners, even though she wanted it so bad. Sometimes it's hard for even grown ups isn't it? =)

For Jt, we did a Furniture mini book, while Kt did a furniture counting page.

Jt's SEW FUN page , "what Letter does the picture start with?"
this was a bit tricky, he thought the "thread" was "string" etc...

here he is playing Boggle Jr. =)
he LOVES it!
okay, during the last week, I rearranged the kitchen a bit. we moved all the dishes to a large pot
and pan drawer, down low, that they can reach. This has changed everything! -=) they can now unload the dishwasher, AND this is Kt the other day....I had NO idea what she was doing in the kitchen. she came out at 9:30 am with her "lunch" that she proudly made. Yes, that's a full on peanut butter and jelly sandwhich! she has been able to make those, but i have always got out the bread, the pb and the J, it was so cute to see, she chose the apple and banana, and some cough candy. =)

We had so much fun with this craft! But being that it had to do with sewing, it seems that mommy got stuck in the end with most the work! =)
I got the bears at the thrift store last week for like $1. I had some leftover Felt, and we just cut out the overalls, and they each took turns sitting on my lap to sew them together. their job is to cut the thread and lift the lever for the "sewing foot." they love that part.

we made the pants a bit to small.. oops. but we got them on!

Why is it when I try to get them to smile, they give me their overly crazy forced smiles??? ugh!

And Finally, To end our Lapbook study, we made the ever famous trip to ride an elevator just like Corduroy did, up to the furniture department. So, the first night we were all better, ( last night) when daddy got home from work, we went to the largest Furniture store in the area...

and had some Elevator fun! =) little did we know that there was a kinderland upstairs, you can drop your kinders off while you shop. a BIG one as a matter of fact. So we let the kids play, and we got to shop around ( a bonus field trip for mommy too) ALONE, and visit with each other.

Here's big brother... with corduroy... He really likes that bear. He takes it all around with him.
I am so glad. I didn't know about this, till I did some research, but just in case you didn't know either.. you can watch the Corduroy TV show on ... this was a great treat for my kinders! and don't forget the Teddy Grahms Snack!

Story time with dad the past 2 weeks has been a wonderful book of stories borrowed from Grandma. (thanks gramma!)
Uncle Remus Stories. =) The kids absolutely LOVE them! Being that we are big Disney fans,
and how much daddy and Jt love Splash Mountain at Disneyworld... This has made some special memories at nightime... Kt being to little yet to ride that ride, is getting ready... she can hardly wait..and with these great stories, the ride will be that much more fun for them! =) Plus if you heard daddy's accent when reading this... you would know why the love it even more! =)

Here's a new game we got this past week. JT loves it! If you haven't played it.. try it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our family, I pray you have a wonderful week! And please let me know what you are up to! we love hearing from all of you!
love Angela

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Julie said...

What an great FIAR study!! We haven't done this book yet so I can't wait to use some of your ideas. I also love your field trip!

Angela at said...

Julie, Thank you so much!!! PLEASE send me your study i would love to see it! your little one is so cute by the way! =) have a wonderful weekend,

diane said...

very fun! And KT is looking more and more grown up. Makes me happy and a little big sad!

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