Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alphabet Study : F

Being that this is FEBRUARY , we studied the Letter F this week. JT of course already knows all the letters of the alphabet, but I kept him going too with new spelling words, a bit of science and his new favorite... Word searches.=) There are so many things you can do with the letter F, crafts, math games, you name it! Here are some things we did this week. Next week I might continue with F a bit more, I had some other things I want to do, but we will see. There is a big birthday coming up this week!

Jt and his LAST week being Five!!! ( sniffle)
KT working on her letter F lapbook..

We did manage to do a bit of FINGERPRINT is KT's

Here is the completed F lapbook.. I downloaded these great templates from and enchanted learning.

My foot book ( trace the foot) the fish booklet with copywork "i will make you fishers of men"
Things that start with F, Four funny fat fiish coloring book, firetruck poem. F is for Feather.

Science Time...

This was such a HUGE hit! Sink or FLOAT?

We did this for about an hour, we wrote down all our items, then we guessed, and then I wrote
down their answers. It was alot of FUN; and they brought down many more toys later on to try over and over! A GREAT learning lesson!
And of course KT brought this down.... to see if it would sink or float...=) I had to stop when she got to the wooden shoe!
JT and his first word search ( words that start with leter F) from Enchanted learning
He did excellent, I wasn't sure how he would do on it, since they were hidden backwards too... but he did great... he did several that day.

I SPY.....FThis was alot of fun, they did a great job!what things can you find around your house?

I I cut out the letter F from construction paper, and gave KT these wooden Frogs
from a game we have to line up on the F. This was great for her. It gave her something to do while I worked with JT, and it helped her with learning the lines... and with Frogs! =)

These are the spelling words for JT this week. I left them up all week on the board,
and we talked about them, and spelled them outloud, tried to use them in silly sentences...
and he wrote them down for copywork.

KT practiced learning to FOLLOW directions this week...
here, these are connect the dots with colors (since she can't do the numbers and alphabet ones yet) she loved these! ( thanks grandma!) she did just about the whole book.
Here, she also practiced following directions by coloring the animals what the
directions told her to... this was especially hard since she loves to do what she WANTS
when it comes to coloring anything! but she DID it! yeah!

KT - fishes ( enchanged learning) workpage.

F Craft

KT loves tracing herself! this was a hit! and brought laughs! My Foot book!
Four Fat Funny Fish booklet for their lapbook

Jt did this one! I gave them silly googly eyes, and
he spent alot of time on his.

The kinders have a favorite musical. Finding Nemo the musical.
there is one song that is their favorite. "fish are friends not food" sung by the shark. It's a great song, and here is one of their projects for the lapbook. I added the Fish are friends
not food sign, and they LOVED that!
And what could be more FUN than a mini Field trip??

We read Usborne's book of First nature series of Fishies this week too!
This is a great mini stop in the break of the week. We dont live near a sea life center,
and as a's FREE!

Mommy almost had to bring this little guy home! Isn't he adorable?

I love watching her learn new things!

Along with our letter F study this week, JT got out his FABRIC stash, yes he has one... he loves
the patterns, and steals what he can from grandmas! Well, he made a nice pillow for himself with it this week. we finished it today. he choose where the fabrics go, and then sat on my lap and we sewed it together.

And who can study the letter F and not do Fingerpainting?????

oh man, was this a mess. A big mess.
I later learned not to use german fingerpaint again, it doesn't wash out.

JT in his new craft apron I made.

This week we also learned about our Family Tree. I printed off pictures of our family, and just
cut out shapes for the leaves and the tree from construction paper. easy peezy.

The kids love the Tigger Movie. It's about Tigger and his family tree. It's very cute.
This would go along great with this craft!

This is JT, he is making breakfast for him and KT. He does every morning. I love that
he does this for her! I thought I would capture it to remember.

For each letter we study, I fill a seperate basket with books from our shelf that have that letter
in the Title. I have JT try to read some of the words , and KT played I spy the letter F each time she picked up a book from this basket. I also read one of these books along with our other books during the week.

this week, Ferdinand the bull, our Franklin the turtle collection, five kittens, what is the full moon full of?, Bedtime for Frances, (our favorite) Five little monkeys collection, friends of jesus , Berenstain bears Forget their manners, Pooh - forgive and forget, and more...
this Froggy series below is a family favorite! if you haven't read these books by Jonathan London, I encourage you too!

we just started these... We love them!

Please meet the newest member of the family!

It's brand spankin new!! and I LOVE it!

Just when you think these yahoos are to old to play in these........

Thank you again for visiting our family! I am writing this at 1AM in the morning, and now it's bedtime for me!
Have a wonderful Week!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! Oh...that finger painting...KT looks like she was having too much fun. I can't believe JT is going to be 6!! I remember your baby shower, wasn't it just like a year ago. :) Wow!!
Please give him a BIG birthday hug from the Maxwells.

Before I forget...add The Rag Coat to your reading list. (It will work well with your sewing unit.) But, grab the kleenex. Landon and I played a trick on Max and asked him to read it to Payton (years ago), knowing he would tear up! It worked! And, now the world knows my hubby is a softy. And, that's one of the reasons I love him so... :)
Blessings to you all this week! ~Rox

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