Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Carrot Seed FIAR Study

After our vacation to Venice, I have been one week behind in posting our school! =) So today I am going to catch up! 2 weeks ago we did the book The Carrot Seed with Before Five in a Row.

Well, what can I Say... There is only so much you can do with a Carrot study! =) This was an easy one! The kinders loved it.. I think they love everything! =)

First things first... you gotta make a carrot cake! The recipe is from Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld.

I picked up the sugar carrots at the German grocery store, and we shredded the carrots, measured, and mixed, and counted and made a nice mess! KT loves to cook. She helps me everyday for all our meals.. and is getting pretty good at remembering ingredients for our usual recipes!

Daddy started our garden, with carrots last week..

And everyday they run out and check the garden to see if anything has grown. They help Water it and check for weeds. Since Daddy takes care of the garden, and is leaving soon, He has taken extra time to share with the kinders and me on how to care and when to plant the next veggies...
I spent some time on the internet looking for paintings and art projects with Carrots... here is what I found....

I printed these off for them to keep in their lapbooks, and we had fun looking at all the interesting pictures people painted of carrots.

The lapbooks were very simple for this book. There isn't alot out there to print, the study we did was alot of discussion this time. we talked about perseverance, patience, and taking care of things. We also Practiced the letter C all week, the Color Orange (for KT) , words that start with C, and what plants need to grow.

This is JT's Lapbook
along with the things above, This in KT's Book


Words that start with W ( for the wheelbarrow in the story)

KT and her Growth Chart...

Even little Buster get's to do school!

These were teh kinder's favorites from the library, that I hope to add to our collection someday! Growing up tree, Wanda's Monster, Good Boy Fergus, One frog to many, & It's not fair. Check them out if you have a chance, they are all very sweet.

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