Sunday, April 11, 2010

Resurrection Day

I know Easter is already passed, But I wanted to take a moment and Share our Easter week with you. I made a huge list of all the things I wanted to do that week with the Kinders, but i think I have to save it for next year... and the next... =) This Easter week was a quiet one for our family. We had a wonderful Easter, and my kinders are alway SO excited for every holiday. They can't wait to help Decorate, they can't to Celebrate!! I love that about them. They also motivate me to get things rolling too! This was the first year that my kids were old enough to really discuss the true meaning of Easter with them. We had fun hunting for eggs,

We had fun decorating them, But we really had fun Sharing Jesus and his love in a whole new way with them! I am sure everyone has heard of Resurrection Eggs. It's all over the homeschool world, and very popular in sunday schools, But in case you haven't.... take a minute to check it out , and then BUY it! =) Grandma bought this for us a few years ago, and we use it every Easter. The kinders LOVE it!!!

We made it through all the eggs in detail this time, and it was a wonderful family evening we had together.

I loooved that KT had so many questions. She has such a little heart for her Jesus. It's a blessing to watch her grow. My son's heart broke during the story. He was truly sad over Christ's Death.. we loved that we can share in the sorrow, and rejoice on the 3rd day together as a family!!

they died eggs, and handed them out to our family on Easter. A great song by the Donut Man is 3 in 1. The easter egg song..

After church we met my family for brunch at the officers club. This is grandma! I love this picture.

Daddy won't be here next Easter, so this one was extra special to us...

Here is my family. Papa, Grandma, me, Uncle Sean ,and the kinders.

Some other resources I used this week were :

Miss Patty Cakes Eggstravaganza ( we looooove it!) she uses the resurrection eggs in this too

Donut Man DVD Resurection Celebration our favorite.

Resurrection Eggs

Eggs- why do we have eggs for Easter mama? this was a great song for us --' God is three in one song by the Donut Man

has some great posts on Easter and links to some great Easter books too!

Mommy. Why did Jesus Have to die? Book
Mommy, Why do we have Easter? book

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you this week in all you do!

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