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Five in a Row is F.U.N!!!

Hi there!

I thought I would take a minute, and share with you my schedule and planner for FIAR, this year.  I have several friends doing FIAR this year, and  Julia over at Bible Lessons for preschoolers  and Little lessons for life, also was asking about FIAR and 1st grade.

(psst, all non homeschooling viewers; aka papa, gramma, daddy may not be interested in this one tiny bit, I will warn you there are NO cute pictures of your children in this post only boring sheets of paper!. you may abort if necessary.. OR you can read on and see how much work I am putting into these yahoos!)

 One of my concerns was is FIAR enough? It just seems SO EASY... =) Read a story, the SAME story five days in a row and basically disect it? hmmm.... I know that on the message boards so many families are using and with no worries.. but I just had to make sure myself that I was going to be covering what needs to be covered for 1st grade & up  .... with the help the book Home learning year by year by Rupp, And more reading here and there, FIAR really is ENOUGH! =)  Praise God!

Last year, I totally winged it, didn't have a plan, just picked the books that I was in the mood for, did the lessons lightly, and kept a mental note etc.... it was fun, after all it was only kindergarten... =) right? then the "grade school" talk, and expectations of my soon to be 1st grader made me panic!!! that I am more comfortable using FIAR, and have learned alot this past year, I decided  a nifty planner would be my new friend. =) .......that being said, I decided to use their Curriculum to it's Fullest this year, as well as other FIAR ideas, extra books etc.. whatever FIAR helps I could get my hands on!
(p.s.- NOT being paid for any of this, this is all my own! i just wanted to share!)
for starters, We have enjoyed using this so far with our lessons. while this is not our entire bible study, this is a great addition to each book we read... And the lessons are great for ALL ages.

This is alot of fun! I know I could look up ideas, get the recipes somehwere, on what to cook etc.. but it is really nice to have it all in one spot, and easily refer to.  Saves me time.  And with the digital version, I can print just what I need.

I decided to use the FIAR planner along with bits and pieces from other planners this year.
I am going to show you how I planned out my year. Their is a suggested way to do the books in the back of each volume,  but I decided to use all the books I have within all 3 Volumes, before buying more books, and also work them around the holiday's/season etc... (yes, I will be skipping around volume to volume)

After writing it all down on paper, and tweaking it, it was ready to print.  (only took me a few weeks!)

Then I made a Check off list

Then for each book this year, I printed out 3 FIAR pages from their planner this year (those were the only things used out of the their digital planner...)

1. The Weekly lessons plans calander ( all blank for me to fill in as needed)
2. Other subjects or lessons to cover with the Title
3. Go along books/field trip info/etc... for each Title. 

I was able to start planning by just flipping to the write section in my "spare"time (ha ha) to plan a bit ahead or as an idea struck me, or if I saw something online I could just jot it down in the right spot.
In the beginning of the Planner I have included these Resources free online, that others  have put together....i did put them in sheet protectors for easy page turning...
FIAR supplimental Booklist all 4 volumes

                                                                    Master Geography list

                                                                     Galloping the Globe List

                                                      FIAR Books by season , theme, geogrpahy

                                                 Matching Pre-school units with Elementary units

                                                                                  BFIAR chart

Field Trip list by title

Land of make believe map for books such as "harold and the purple crayon"

Map activities for Land of Make Believe Map


In the back of each Teacher Volume are the Story discs, KT and I colored them, and then laminated them.

                        I store these right by our World Calander with the putty. easy on, easy off!

                 It then stays on our calander for the length of our study.. and we refer to it often.

                                      I did puirchase the FIAR timeline as well.. looking forward to it!

I did purchase the digital Fall season book to see how we like it. So far so good.

I made each child their own Nature book by season to go along. I am making them some Nature bags, out of their daddy's old Cargos...

This is where the bin for our lapbook and notebook stuff. Filed by Book Title...

A very useful book holder, especailly for our art lessons, when we need to see the book, and also for display.

Each kinder has thier own FIAR binder this year to store all their papers, projects, and lapbooks in. So far it's working great, and the love it!

And finally, I love to have a display going during the week of what we are studying. It's fun to set up on sunday nights, and see the kids check it out on monday mornings, they love it, and always visit the learning center often... it's a huge hit! It can be something as simple as just the book, and a some go along books, to a table full of the story theme... in this photo for Madaline, it was an Eiffel tower, the doll, flowers, go along books, Eiffel tower puzzle, printed map of France and a colored picture of Madaline. Lots of fun!

Our weekly FIAR schedule goes a bit like this: + every day is math and phonics/writing etc
1. Monday- social studies, geography, charachter building
2. Tuesday - Language arts
3. Wednesday - lapbooking and ART
4. Thursday- cooking, applied math,
5.- Friday- week wrap up, Science

I also have a copy of the FIAR christmas book list by the Lambert Family too!
Some other things I have in my planner are:

  • Unit study planner pages from

  • FIAR vocabulary list ( I keep a running list from each title we row, I made it myself)

  • holiday ideas

  • our Read aloud list

  • Our full curriculum plan for both kinders

  • character section, in here I copied pages from the creative correction book, and some other things that encourage me in this area. it's great to flip to in a hurry!

  • List of books I have and need to buy
Some other great reads over at the Five in a row site that are very helpful are:

Another set of pages I have in my planner are from
she is awesome! I just finished her book Steady Days,
she has some great FREE pages for your planner

So along with math and Phonics/reading/writing I feel like I am prepared for the new year ahead!
by the way, in case you are wondering for 1st grade, Home learning year by year's 1st grade scope and sequence does have American history, but none of this year's FIAR books have that, so in November we are going to do a unit study, and with other books we have... cover it that way...  But everything else is covered!

Now that I am getting myself somewhat more organized, the kids are next! This week mama is setting up our new Chore System!


I finished our new reading area, more on that in a bit!

If you have any questions, or would like me to email you my forms,  I would love to. just send me a note. I hope this helps, and encourages you, Blessings,

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gin said...

wow! i love how you organize your centers to start your week! mind if i borrow your idea? we will be re-starting school after we move and i will be revisiting your site often for ideas :) we use galloping the globe, also!

Roxanne said...

Coming from another hs mom - know I appreciate all the work you put into your kiddos. :) (When they outgrow've got to look into Tapestry of Grace. I've used it for years and LOVE it...and know you will too!)Miss you! Sending hugs for Tucson....Roxanne

Julie said...

I loved this post!!! We are starting FIAR in 2 weeks and I can't wait. Your ideas are great!I would love the downloads if you don't mind! Thanks so much!

Amanda said...

Wow, you make me want to do FIAR!! :)

Faith said...

I really love all your great ideas as well and would love to borrow your theme table centers idea if you don't mind! Would you mind e-mailing me the downloads too? My e-mail address is Thank you so much! You really are such a blessing and a wonderful resource. Faith

Anonymous said...

REALLY excited about your download. I was about to organize this when I found yours. Can you send them to me?

Anonymous said...

I am considering homeschooling and wanted to just try things out with FIAR with my son first b/c he loves books. Your forms would be really helpful if you wouldn't mind sending them. THanks!

Jessica said...

Hi Angela, I have been looking at your site on and off for weeks now and I really love it. You seem to do such a great job! I'm feeling rather overwhelmed trying to figure all of this out. I would love your forms if you wouldn't mind sending them my way. Also, what is your daily schedule like with your kinders? I am struggling trying to figure out if we should do all the "learning" in the morning or space it out or....?? Just wondered how your day looks since we are both doing FIAR. Also, do you get books to go along with the FIAR book you are rowing? I always want to have more books to explore the different topics but it seems overwhelming to get them all and have everything I need at once. I know you are busy but if you have time I would love some advice and encouragement:).

This Mama said...

I found your blog from pinterest and your schedule is great! I would love your forms sent when you have time. Thanks so much.

Emily Ekegren said...

WOW! We are switching to FIAR for our next school year and I am so happy that I found your blog! It seems like we have similar teaching and organization styles. So I am happy to say that you figured it all out for me! I also just started with the MOTH products. Looking forward to "getting to know you"!

Katherine said...

Yes, please. What a blessing to come across your blog via pinterest! I am feeling so lost trying to organize all of this... Thank you so very much!

God's Most Precious said...

I just found you by clicking away and then pintrest and NO I AM HERE and I am so happy!! If you would not mind ... I would love your downloads... I wanted to start FRIAR this year and felt lost!! SO I would love to start in the summer and into the following year! Thank you so much!!

PS- Totally joining your blog!!

Crissy talley said...

This may be way to late but I would so love your downloadables if you have them. Talley thanks so much

Jane Jasmine said...

Hi there! Just found your blog, love it! We are beginning our FIAR journey this fall, and I know so many have asked for your downloads. I think they are on homeschool share, right? There was one I could not find... the matching preschool-elementary school units... would you mind so much to send this to me if you have time? I would so appreciate it! Thank you and blessings! Jane

Katie Waalkes said...

I am in love with this post and this curriculum and I will be checking out alot more on your site (thank you pintrest for sending me here) I would love your downloads Thanks!

Brittiany Ojala said...

This is so encouraging and you are so organized! I have a 5, almost 4, 2, and one on the way. The FIAR seems to be working for us, but I want to get organized. I would love to have a better look at your forms. Thank you so much for posting this.

Angela said...

I'm teaching FIAR at our homeschool co-op this year and would love a copy of your files!


Btw, you have a fantastic name ;)

Mommyto3 said...

Love this! Just started FIAR. Would love the forms!

Christina said...

I just started BFIAR and FIAR and need help organizing everything!! Is there any way you could send me the forms you used?
Thanks so much!!!

Jaime said...

Hi there! We just started FIAR and I'd LOVE the forms you used. (
Thank you so much- your blog is such an inspiration:)

Katie M said...

I found your blog via Pinterest, would you mind emailing me your forms? You are very inspiring!

Ashleigh said...

This is amazing! The Lord just led our family to FIAR, so I'm really new to it. I am researching other mother's sites to see how to organize it all, and I would love to have your forms!!
Thank you!!

Julie said...

Hi! I used FIAR years ago with my oldest kids and will be starting it up again with my three younger adopted daughters this fall. How can I find all the wonderful lists of FIAR go along books, geography lists etc. they are wonderful!!?? My email is Thanks so much for all your info on organizing and planning!

Windy Stephey said...

Oh, bless you! I have just purchased volume 2 FIAR and have been feeling a little overwhelmed (actually, a lot overwhelmed) at making a year plan. Your post is very inspiring, very helpful and very creative. Please may I also use your forms for my homeschool? My email is . Thank you so much!

puredisco76 said...

Hello! First time FIAR & HS, starting K. I would love your downloads, if you are still sending! Thank you so much! DearieDesigns at Gmail dot com

Jenny Lopez said...

This is amazing!!! We are just planning our first year with FIAR, I would LOVE your downloads if it's not too much trouble! Thanks for sharing all of your hard work!

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad to run across this post. I see that the downloads are no longer at Homeschool Share... is it possible that I could get them from you in some other way? Thank you so very much!

elang fahl @ gmail . com

karlamcurry said...

Love your ideas! I did FIAR with my kids last year and plan on finishing the volumes this year. I've downloaded a bunch of resources and already have a good idea of what I'd like to do but I'd love to plug in some of the things you mentioned.

As some of the others noted, Homeschool Share no longer has some of their links up. Do you still have the original files? I'd love copies!

Thanks, Karla

Stacey Baker said...

Hi there, I love your forms and how you've organized yourself. I bought FIAR to do with my son but I've been delaying it because I didn't know how to plan.
Can you please share with me your forms? Thank you!!
My email is

katie said...

This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. If you have time can you share your planning and other files with me as well? Thank you Katie.

Mel Ouillette said...

Hi there,
I would like to say how inspired I am by your planning and execution! Fabulous! I am begining my first year of homeschooling and have bought the full FIAR program but am more than a little intimated. What you have made here is like the vision I have for us that I am working towards but seem to be floundering to reach :S If you would be able to forward me some of your forms I would be ever so grateful! I was especially excited about your calendar and Check off list, Galloping the Globe List, FIAR Books by season , theme, geography, BFIAR chart , Field Trip list by title, Map activities for Land of Make Believe. My email is
Thank you in advance!!

Liesl said...

Wow! You have a great organizing system! I just started FIAR with my kindergartener and have been looking for a way to get more of my ideas in one place. I would LOVE a copy of all you've done here. Thanks so much!

Kristi said...

Wow! What a treasure trove. I'm prepping to start FIAR with my son in January and would love your downloads too. I'm so excited about setting up a little center - a FIAR Place. :D

Pepple Family said...

Wonderful ideas!! I love your organization system. I would love your downloads if possible.

Pepple Family said...

Wonderful ideas!! I love your organization system. I would love your downloads if possible.

Pepple Family said...

Wonderful ideas!! I love your organization system. I would love your downloads if possible.

Pepple Family said...

Wonderful ideas!! I love your organization system. I would love your downloads if possible.

Pepple Family said...

Wonderful ideas!! I love your organization system. I would love your downloads if possible.

Pepple Family said...

Wonderful ideas!! I love your organization system. I would love your downloads if possible.

Amber said...

I would love your downloads as well! You are so very organized! Thank you -

Sharon Spahr said...

I would love your downloads for FIAR. I just found your blog as I'm considering FIAR for a 1st grader. Planning time is hard to come by as I'm homeschooling 4 kids. Thanks!

Mama Trew said...

I would LOVE to have a copy :) thank u so much <3

thanks again :)

Amy said...

Love this post! I would also like a copy of the downloads. Thank you.

mobei said...

Love this! Can I have a copy?

Oh dear... said...

I had no idea where to start with planning our FIAR lessons. This was a HUGE help! Thank you so much for taking the time to put all this information together for us.

Cristi Bushnell said...

Wow. You are amazing! I would love your downloads if they are still available. You really just helped me wrap my brain around FIAR. I love the concept, but just needed this little push to confirm that it's doable! Thank you so much!

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