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Our Curriculum 2010-2011

YEAH! This post is a Big deal for me! This means I am all done planning! ( a little late, but hey...)

 I have spent HOURS putting together our Schedule for 2010-2011.  I love reading about all the differant books, and things available to us, but there comes a time when you have to make a choice.. and it's just so hard!! =) I want everything! (yes working on coveting issues) . =)  So, after adding tons of things to the shopping carts, and then clicking delete. delete. delete... and then re-adding, recalculating, and then trying to remember to keep it SIMPLE... etc... Here's the plan.  I even made a full Planner for the year too! (totally new to me, and so glad I did it. I love having this all organized.) And now, with the Lord as the ultimate daily is the list!
JT's 1st Grade Curriculum

Core - Five in a Row
studies, this will include art, science social studies, history, geography, living math,  except for language, and Math.
  • along with FIAR for Geography, and the places we will visit through their titles, I have included a few extra books and things to go - along with those studies.

  • Geography Extras
    Galloping the Globe
    2. Around the World in 80 Tales
    3. Stories from Around the World
    4. Then and Now ( Usborne talkabout books)
    5. From Akebu to Zapotec
    6. Children Just like Me
    7. How they lived
    8. People of the world (Usborne)
    9. Additional Unit study on Egypt, Korea, Spain with Lapbooks
    10. Lots of Puzzle Maps (from land of nod, etc)
    11. Geography Songs
    12. Missionary stories with the Millers  online chapters avail here
  • Science Extras1.Five in a Row Nature Study by the season ( this was a digital download)
    2. Science Experiments in a Bag 1 ( Ebook)
    3. fun reading books: Whats smaller than a pygmy shrew? Air is all around youWhat is the world made of?

    ART Extras1.Discovering Great Artists 1x month
    2.The Usborne Art Treasury
    3.Draw Write Now series (using as go alongs with particular books in FIAR)
    4. Books about various Artists. ( Katie and the sunflowers, Katie meets the  impressionists, Katie's picture show, Katie and the Mona Lisa) These are a huge hit with the children, we just love them.
    5. Nature sketching

  • History Extras1.Story of the World Vol 1.  Daddy is going to do this with JT over the computer once a week, and JT will do teh activity page for each lesson. This will be fun for the both of them, but no pressure to breeze through this book.
    2. Unit Study on Thanksgiving/Pilgrims/Early American life
    3 American Tall Tales CD
    4. Five in a Row Timeline
  • Language Arts , Handwriting
    1. Handwriting without Tears -  My printing Book
    2. First language lesson by Jessie Wise    
    3. Explode the Code Series ( he loves these, and so I decided to keep doing them)
    4. learning resources Funny phonics puzzle cards 2 letter word endings, and long vowels.
    5. Phonics Games kids can't reist (grades K-2)  Fild folder games, Letters and sounds Bingo etc..
    6. GeoSafari Light writer (total splurge, but will be so fun)
    7. Daily Word Ladders: Grade 1-2 
    8. Letters to Daddy

  • Math
    Math -U-See Primer ( I am starting him with this, even though he is familiar with almost all the basics in these lessons, as a refresher and then on to Alpha next semester...
    1. Living math from Five in a Row lessons
    2. Tons of fun Math Games and File folder Games (more on this in a differant post)
    3. Math U See Skip Count Cd
    4. The Go around dollar
    6. How big is a foot?

  • Bible Time.
    I would like to do a  Theme becuase we have read so many bible stories, and alot of the books I have with lessons for children we have gone through many times. And this has been on my heart for a while. So we will be studying The Armor of God ; and  Warrior Prince for God. Some resources I purchased for this season are:
    3. Armor of God poster and Stickers
    6. Gideon Tuba Warrior- Vegi Tales DVD
    8. The Armor of  God ( my favorite verses)
    9. God's Mighty Warrior devotional bible (hardback)
    10. Goodnight warrior Cd (we love this, we have had it a while, and the stories are great)
    11. His Mighty warrior- a Treasure map from your King
    when we complete the season of this, I have a bible for him that I also ordered from CBD- the Armor of God bible. I think this will be a great ending to the lesson for him.
    12. Nana's Bible Stories CD
    13. Songs for Saplings (new to us) Donut man,  A to Z bible songs etc....

  • Additional Learning  Fun!1. 1x week cooking lessons We will Use FIAR cookbook to go along with our lessons
    2. Sewing ( See and Sew book)
    3. Manners Made Easy (book) & Round Table Manners ( i have a plan for this)
    4. Responsibility for Boys (book)
    5. Field Trips , Co-op, Martial Arts
KT's Pre-K Curriculum
With kyree, she has been keeping up so much with JT this past year, and already begining to read and she does all the FIAR stories with us too, as well as her own lapbooks, I feel like she is ready for full blown kindergarten.  But then there are moments, when I am not sure I should start full blown kindergarten with her.. So I am going to just go with the flow with her since she is still 4. I am in no rush with her, and she moves along quite well. So in addition to Five in a Row and the extras above for JT ; KT will be doing......

  • Bible Time
    With KT, we have been working on the princess thing... for a while.  This is a touchy subject .....She loves them and everything about it.. what girl doesn't? She even has a princess  room! "God's Princess room" we call it. =)

    It has been a challenge, to keep away from the worlds point of view in this area... I know that each family is different, and each has differant convictions ,  and right now ours is we do feel the Lord encouraging us  to not pursue the world's idea of princess with the movies, toys, etc... 

    She still hasn't seen any of the disney princess movies, barbie princess, etc...
    We are continuing to guard her heart, (and she has been so sweet and patient about it.) till we feel we have reached a point of her truly understanding her place in the kingdom.  Will she get to watch those every favorite disney classics? yes. Someday. - =) (we are big disney fans!)
     She loves to dress up, and be a princess, and we have lots fun with that.. one day she said in all seriousness "Mommy, what IS a princess job anyways?" and with that.... I am greatful for this wonderful new program out there from another like minded  mom...  Princess with a  purpose

    1. Armor of God Introduction, then onto
    2. His little Princess : Treasured letters from your King
    3.Princess with a Purpose DVD curriculum
    4. Go along activity book and Armor of God activity book,
    5. God's little princess devotional bible
    at the end of our study, I have a armor of God necklace for her... I think will be special for her.

  • Additional learning
    1. Handwriting without tears Pre-K  - Get set for School , HWOT wooden pieces Set of Letters,  and more HWOT tools: Roll -A-Dough Letters , Stamp and See Screen
    2. Living Math,  manipulatives, games,
    3. Hooked on phonics... we had this from JT, and it worked, so I will just stick with it
    4. And all the other fun things for this age! (another post for another day)
                                                                                                                                                                      photo from make learning fun

  • Read Aloud List ( This was compiled from all over. Sometimes I don't know why I just can't go with a plan already laid out for me! These were taken from The Read aloud Handbook, Honey for a child's heart, the Sonlight list, and Charlotte Masons list) Also with reading aloud so much with FIAR, and our large basket of books we get every 2 weeks from the library; My list isn't going to be as long as others. And becuase we live a bit far from town, Audio Selections are a family favorite. And I have chosen some of the longer books for car rides, and quiet time.

1.Baby in a Basket

2. Miss Agnes

3. Biggest Bear

4. Good job little bear series

5. Legend of bluebonnet

6. Reluctant Dragon

7. fifty famous stories retold

8. The Littles

9. Sleep Tight Little Bear

10. My Father's Dragon

11.Among the Pond people

12. Five true Dog Stories

13. Ten boys who didn't give in

14. Ten boys who used their Talents (lightkeepers)

  • Audio Stories (from
1. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

2. Homer Price

3. The Indian in the Cupboard
4. Gooney Bird Greene

5. The kid who invented the popsicle: and other surprising stories about inventions

6. James Herriots Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful animal Tales

7. Ginger Pye

We will start with these, and i have a wish list cart full, if we run out! =)

We will also Continue with our Learning Centers , rotating them out each semester.
I have lots to share next week, on some of the fun extras I have chosen for this year, and our School room.

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Monica said...

Your curriculum selection is very thorough. I really liked using FIAR. Have you seen the Geography lesson plans and printables from Homeschool Creations blog? She used GTG also. They are really nice? That's where I get a lot of my ideas.

Julia said...

Just another reason why your blog is one of my favorites! My kids are so close in age to yours that I'm always being inspired by your plans and activities.

Hey, I'd like to e-mail you to ask some questions about FIAR and your school schedule for 1st grade. My oldest is only 5, so we're just doing K this year, but I'm already planning and thinking through what next school year will hold. If you've got time, could you send me your email? Mine is prekjoy(at)gmail(dot)com.


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