Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CHRISTmas Around the World.....


I hope this wonderful season finds you all well!
 Over the next few weeks, we will be doing a unit study on Christmas Around the World. In case any of you want to do your own study as well, I thought I would post some of the resources we will be using! =) And later post how it all went! =)
There are many resources out there, and learning about other cultures and how they celebrate Jesus is going to be exciting!

I have scheduled us a few weeks off for December, so we can really enjoy our time together. Do crafts, bake, Christmas markets, snow play etc...

The countries we will be "visiting" are:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • England
  • Africa
  • Hungary
While I would love to travel the WHOLE world... my kids are still under 7 so I think 7 countries is good maybe even pushing it! =)

So here you go!

FREE christmas around the world Lapbook by homeschoolshare most my info will come from here...

Online articles - Homeschool Lounge - christmas around the world by other homeschooling mamas!

I will also do a display along with each country, for the kids to view during the season. (example, we just did Holland, had a small suitcase and a air filled globe...I filled a pair of dutch shoes with nuts and fruit, a holland flag, a picture of SinterKlass and Black Peter, )

Field Trip? We do plan to visit a Christmas market in France, Holland, and of course here in Germany!
Locate these countries on our globe, of course!

Christmas Words printables in German, French, enchanted learning

How to say Merry Christmas in Differant Languages Poster-  printed and laminated.

Chidlren around the world Coloring pages  and here and I am making a Large Christmas tree to place  each one we color and cut out.


Nativity Crafts I am choosing from- Can't decide! we might make them all!

Some other Christmas fun for our family this year........

Our nightly bible time has been our favorite: Adorenaments. a collection of 12 colorful 3 inch ornaments - each revealing the name of Christ. We love it! but sadly can't seem to find it anywhere, here is one place...

Our reading Basket filled with Christmas stories

Our Reading Center- all cozied up for the holiday!

the past few days.....
yes, my kids are sledding down...a sheet of ice in the driveway =)

This weekend we did Trees For Troops. we made and delivered 180 trees for the military hospital. several other families helped and were awesome!!!!!! and i can't wait to post about it on our other blog.... It was alot of fun!

And I have to share some of our FAVORITE Christmas Movies!
Wowie Bozowie Christmas

4 Thoughtful Comments:

Amanda said...

Oh, what awesome ideas and resources! Thanks for sharing! I hope you enjoy your tour! :)

Roxanne said...

Isn't this the BEST time of year to homeschool?! :) We can dive into what's really important...celebrating, sharing, and thanking God for His perfect gift to us - Jesus! Have fun and be blessed. Love and hugs, Rox

sweet european dreams said...

always amazed at what you do with the monkeys! The Crippled Lamb is also one of our favorites every year. I really miss the whole Dec 6/St Nicholas day in Germany. It's a ONE day of Santa celebration, so Jesus gets the rest of December to himself!

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