Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Book List

Hello again! ( I know, so soon right?) I had my other blog already done, I just forgot to finish posting it, so I am really not working to hard on Christmas weekend... =) But I did want to share some of the kids' favorite stories this season, and some crafts/gifts we made over the last week! We have become a family that loves to make things...anything! I hope we keep it up through the winter.....

First some christmas books we love!

I enjoyed the bible verses under each page.... it's a cute story! and I made those little trees! my first 3-D sewing project! =)

who doesn't love Harold?

My Daughter loooves this book.... I am not tired of reading it. =)

Froggy books--always a classic!

My Son Loves this story! he cracks up every time... Olive... so cute!

A staple in our library... Berenstain bears...

                      This is one of the kids most favorite books! It all started about 2 years ago.....

Here this past week they were building their snowmen, soooo excited to see what was going to happen the next morning......why?

Well it all started 2 years ago, when daddy and the kids made this adorable snowman in the front yard.....and the next day we went into town, only to return to the snowman had moved to teh front door! AND brought a friend!!! Not only, were they hilarious, but one had a sandwhich and coffee sitting out!
The whole family just about died laughing in the car... and how did this even happen???? Well... you never know what snowmen might do ...... ( thanks papa and gramma for a memory they will never forget!).. to this day BOTH my kids still talk about it, and now I think we have made a new tradtion, becuase I found myself hurrying outside early in the morning the other day, to add a sled to thier snowman, throw his hat a bit far, and change a few things that their memories can live on...=)

a Very nice story, and the original story of the candy cane is in the back of the book!

What are your familie's Favorite Christmas books? I hope to add many more for next season!

Crafts..... next!


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