Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Girl KT

Here she is.....
The climber. The artist. The encourager. The carefree risk taker. The one who is everyone's friend. The child who keeps us on our toes.  The one girl we can't imagine our daily life without!
She is 5!

We celebrated her Special birthday in Korea with Daddy. We surprised her and took her to a Hello Kitty play land in Seoul.

This was the cutest place!!!!  It was border line to old for them to play, but they had so much fun anyway!

Here they have lots of several dining areas like this... to cute!

                                She is not a cake girl, so dippin dots icecream it was! She loved it!!!

They had a little dress up area for the kids too.

playin' dress up!

Yeah for Birthdays!!!!!!
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Hello Kitty Coloring pages

Read more: http://mylivesignature.com/mls_wizard2_1.php?sid=54488-137-8C52837CCBBCAEE171701BC57DEB967A#ixzz0l3PkK1Ce

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MT said...

Wonderful time! Thanks for all of the research...

sweet european dreams said...

What an amazing place! Lena would have a FIT in that place!!! I can't believe Ms. K is 5!!!

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