Monday, May 30, 2011

Korea Trip

안녕하세요 (Ahn Neyong Ha Seyo) Means Hello in Korean!!!!

We had the BEST visit with my husband. The time went by slow, and we were all able to be a family together for a little while. I took over 900 pictures,(yikes!) And here are a few pictures from our adventure to share with you!

We rode in Taxi's everywhere we went. It was a little scary with no car seats, but the Lord watched over each of us! The kinders got very used to it...and when were tired of walking, they would say "let's just get a Taxi!"

                                                     We visited one of the Palaces in Seoul.

They also had a changing of the Guard, which was really cool.

A great day adventure!

During our visit, KT was quite a hit. She was like a little movie star. =) All the koreans thought she was so cute, we think because of her wide eyes... They were always taking pictures of her. Here she is below with her little fan clubs  =)
 We went to an aquarium, where we saw a 2 headed turtle! It's hard to see in the photo below, but it was amazing.

                We visited 2 amusement parks. Lotte World, and Everland... We had soooo much fun!

 Kt cracks me  up! Everytime she put on her backpack, she would do this pose. =) It was to big for her, and she would usually tip over.  Had to share!

While we were visiting, we adopted a doggie from the animal shelter my husband volunteers at on base.
This is a pic of him below. He is a Golden Pyrneese. 9 months old, and totally lazy. His name is Brinkley. He will be staying with my husband till Sept. Brinkley will fly home when my husband comes to visit.

 Birds at a petting zoo.

Thanks to daddy, our accomodations were AWESOME! He chose a great apartment and we all fit
together well. =)  

                                   We even left our "mark" on his bachelor pad when we left......=) 

Lots of shopping! Here are some pics of differant markets.
I spent a few days on my own as well into Seoul. Found some neat places...

                                  These are korean Wedding dresses made from silk...they are called Hanboks.

Here is KT hugging the ower of Han Yangs Bulgogi House resturant the last time we ate there. That was our favorite resturant in Osan.

                           A little snack goodness at the amusement park.... anyone want to try it?

                                                                 Beautiful Korea.

While we were there, we borrowed some books from the Library.....
and got a few lessons in.  =) And that's about all the school we did there!

Here is our home display of Korea to share with our friends ....

Thank you for visiting and letting us share our life with each of you!

Have a great week!



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MT said...

Awesome as always!!! You are the best... Brinkley and I are missing you guys like crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

Angela, it's the blonde hair. When we lived there and Chloe was born (she had reddish-blonde hair), they would literally try to take her out of her stroller. I can't tell you how many times I had to say a polite, "No, just look at her, don't take her' to them, and Joe's Mom, who is full Korean, informed me that they would always bring her back. Um, okay...but still no. :) I'm glad you were able to visit. It's a beautiful, culturally rich country and your pictures are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like you all had an awesome trip and tons of memories. Wish I could do even an 1/8th of all the traveling you all get to do as you learn so much about all the different cultures out there! Sandra K.

sweet european dreams said...

Sooooooooo glad that you braved the flights with the monkeys and went! Now I'm awaiting your full report on the fabric district!!!

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