Friday, July 15, 2011

Pets in a Jar Unit Study

A few months ago I found this book at the Used Bookstore. It was exactly what I was looking for since the kids have been collecting creatures outside.... The book is Awesome!! 

I had various sizes of Jars, and we went to the hardware store and bought window screen ($3) , some large rubber bands, and scissors and began making little "homes" for the creatures . =)

We placed them in a shaded area in the dining room.
Here we have a wooly caterpillar, grasshoppers, and  some ladybugs.

The book also tells you how to set the little guys free, how to breed them, and keep them for a while...

Here are Kt's Lady Bugs. Did you know they are meat eaters? =)

If you set them up in an area where your family walks by often,  you will find that the whole family will enjoy visiting your new house pets. Hours have been spent watching these little guys...

Here, our wooly caterpillar made his cacoon!! This was BIG news!

And just 2 days ago he hatched! It began to feel like it never would hatch... it took a few weeks.  We were all so excited!!!!!!!

what's really cool is we can see inside the cacoon, and his fur from being a caterpillar is still in there. Very neat.

The past 2 days though, Tiger moth hasn't moved... AT ALL. I did nudge him a few times, and he is alive... =)

We looked up on the internet what kind of moth it was. Aren't they pretty?

If you have a chance, invite some of God's tiny creatures into your home! It's a wonderful experience for ALL.

Some other fun BUG books:

Have a great weekend!

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