Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Bucket List Series: Summer days...

We are continuing on with our Summer Bucket list (friends, frugal, free and fun!) ... But I have to say we have had ALOT of RAIN the past few weeks. Kinda putting a damper on things over here. =) Here are some fun things we have been up to!

Oh man, the kids had so much fun at Baseball day! Sadly we got rained out, but they loved it! It was their first time... and we are definately going to do that again.

We have only made it to the pool twice! But here are their awesome new hoody towels I made them! I am very proud... First wearable sewing project. =) (only $10 each)


Here they are on the first day at the pool...=)

Kt, having some fun at Tennis Day... although it was short lived. This was one day we SHOULD have gone to the pool ( oh wait, we did!)... it was to hot, and the kids just weren't into it... 90 degrees at 10am.

                                              A little fourth of July fun at our friends house!

I took them to ride bikes, on a level road for an hour the other day. Where we live our street is really bumpy and on a slight hill. So we decided to take KT down to practice without her training wheels. I brought everything but the wrench. =( training wheels are still on...But they had fun riding and racing around!

A few weeks ago we entered the local Pet Show Extravaganza. It was alot of fun! What Pet's you say?
Why, our Hamster and Rabbit of course! =)
We actually have 2 rabbits, but one is shy. So we left her home. Here are the kids with Rootbear the Rabbit, and Super Hammy the Hamster. =)

Yes, that's right we entered Hammy for the category of Best pet trick. He competed against more than 20 dogs, and brought home 3RD place and a $25 Gift card to the BX ( He; in his amazing cape, went  through a little hoop)!!!  Have you ever seen a hamster wearing a cape?

                                     Rootbeer, didn't win, but the kids had the BEST day!

                                                                     Yeah Super Hammy!

I made some fun summer snacks, and we shared them with our friends over 2 days of playdates!
These were a hit, and I can't remember where I saw these, but it wasn't my idea. =)

We finally made it to the strawberry fields on it's last weekend open. With the weather the way it's been,  we are so thankful we had a chance to go. The kids of course loved it! We went with some of our friends.  Afterwards, we went straight home and made strawberry smoothies!

Oh! An here is one of the first Welcome to summer fun foods I served! Watermelon Waffles.
They turned out great!  A little food coloring and chocolate chips... yummy!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer, and enjoying all the fun summer things on your bucket list! Take time to enjoy your kids...

Next week is our Camping Adventure!

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MT said...

Wish I was there! Summer looks great!

Lori said...

I tagged you on my blog for the "Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award".

I need to work on my summer bucket list! Summer is flying by as always.

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