Thursday, March 29, 2012

Europe Wide Homeschool Conference 2012

Since August of 2011 I have been praying & planning for our local homeschool group's biennial Homeschool Conference.

 I have never done a conference, much less attended one in the states. This was all new territory for me. But when God calls you to do something, you just have to jump in and ....well.. do it! =) I do however have a heart to encourage other homeschooling mamas.
 I  enjoy planning parties, and other functions so that helped a little. =) But the vision and inspiration was totally from the Lord.

 Our conference was this past weekend. It was a MAJOR Success!

Families were renewed in their Homeschool Journey, Moms were refreshed and excited about planning the new school year, Dads were challenged, and New homeschoolers were inspired and fired up to begin a new season in their life!

There was a first year homeschooling mama who came up to me as soon as the conference ended, and with tears, she shared with me that she had told her family that she Quit the day before.

She was done. Haven't we all been there?

And her husband encouraged her to come to the conference anyway... you know what happened? God showed her the Big picture. He showed her she CAN do this. This lovely lady left  encouraged and ready to continue in her Homeschool journey!

 If you have never had a chance to attend a Conference in your area... I encourage you to do so! You will be greatly encouraged. Even though for myself and the many volunteers it took to run this, were running around missing sessions here and there .... we ALL left with a renewed excitment to continue on in our Homeschooling Journey! Isn't God awesome??

We were blessed to have Heid St. John and Cathy duffy as our main speakers.
What an HONOR.  We are so thankful they both love Military Families!

90 Families joined us from all over Europe! Isn't that amazing? England, Holland, Finland, Belgium & Germany!

I just want to share a few photos of our weekend.

We were also blessed to have an amazing German Homeschooling family attend the conference.: Jurgen Dudek opend our conference Friday evening and shared the trials of homeschooling in Germany.

You may have heard of them from the HSLDA  HERE. Please take a moment to watch/read their story HERE and HERE . Just a truly wonderful Jesus loving family!

                                                Dear friends of ours and the speakers:

We were blessed to have the whole conference recorded. If you would like a copy please send me an email ( I would be happy to give you a DVD of the conference. You will be encouraged! Wether you are first time homeschooling or a Veteran. =)

Our guest speakers books:
Fantastic books!!!


Find them on Facebook!!!

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