Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Frohe Ostern....Celebrating Easter in Germany

Over the next few weeks I would like to share what we do during the Easter Season here in Germany!
This is the first of a 3 part series. ( I feel so professional!)

Every Easter season or as we like to call it "Resurrection celebrations..." I take the kinders to the local German Chocolate factory.

 It's our kick-off to spring! It's usually about a month before Easter and it gives them a chance to get all the fun of Secular Easter traditions (chocolate, bunnies, goodies, decorate eggs, etc)  out of the way so I can focus on the true meaning of Easter with the kinders during Easter week.... If I don't start out a month or before, then I feel like it sneaks up on me, and before you know it... we are quickly breezing through the story of Easter in time for church on Easter Sunday! And then all the other things take away from Jesus! =)

This month in particular I was hosting the Europe Wide Homeschool conference and things were crazy. I was behind in school, sleep, and dishes! This made our day out extra special because I surprised the kids and we got in the car and had a great day together! They hadn't had much "mommy time" and it was needed! =)

 It was so cool, because the machines were running this time and we were actually able to watch the ENTIRE process! The kids just love this part... and the giant 7 foot bunny they were making...

We happened to go on their Kick off day (totally by accident) and they were able to do some cool marble painting techniques on plastic eggs!

                                      They of course each had to pick out a chocolate bunny....

I love Spring time in Germany... all the decorations in the shop windows, and around the villages are so beautiful.... Here are some of our favorites:

Idar -Oberstein Rock Digging shop (rock eggs)

Shop Windows....

Do you have an Easter tradition?

Are you living here in Germany? 
 Please take a moment to visit some great Easter Markets in the area:

Local Easter Markets This weekend

Easter Market - michelstadt ( we are heading to this one saturday!)

Thanks for visiting!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I've just recently been following your posts by email, and didn't realize you were in Germany! We will be traveling to Munich, Salzburg and Vienna in a few weeks and I wondered if you had/had heard of a couple of 5-year-old-friendly recommendations in any of the surrounding areas. We will travel primarily by train and public transportation, but will tour Bavaria by car for 1 day, so we can take our time to enjoy the scenery. Thank you!

Holly H. said...

I love this! Now i want to take my kids down to our local Confection shop to get chocolate bunnies!! To Kimberly, I live in Bavaria, there is Leggo Land and Play Mobil Fun park. There are a lot of things to do and see here.

sweet european dreams said...

yep. my two favorite times of year in Germany - Christmas markets and Easter! So fun!

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