Thursday, April 12, 2012

Resurrection Week...Celebrating Easter in Germany

               We had a wonderful Ressurection Week.
            Here is a peek into our life!

  One thing we have done the past few years are the Ressurection Eggs... I am sure you have heard of them.  I posted about this and some other Easter Resources a few seasons ago.. Please visit it for more great info!

 We do 2 a night till Easter Morning... The conversations that come from these evenings are so great. The kids love them... And will probably never outgrow them!

             There are many home-made ideas online: Print your own or just visit Pinterest! for ideas!

This year we created our own Garden Tomb.. here we just planted and are waiting for the seeds to sprout!

 Easter morning, I placed it on our breakfast table, and covered it with flowers and moss... (the seeds did not grow as well as I had hoped!) The kids were thrilled!  A great centerpiece.

                                                                Oil Pastel - ART time:

                                                                    Coloring eggs...

A special lunch I made for the kinders! They LOVED this and have since asked if I can do this for all meals. =)

                        It was alot of fun for them, and a total surprise from our everday lunch....

Sunday Easter Hunt.....

Added in their Baskets this year were these stories:

 Fun-NON candy stuff in their baskets:
Flower seeds, glass eggs, bubble bath, and stories...
This year We gave each kinder a Bible... KT has wanted a Precious moments one forever... so even though it's a little small, ( I was bummed as she is only 5 )she really likes it! she carries it everywhere. =)
 JT got a Giant print NIV study bible and bible tabs... He is so excited! It's very easy to read. The Bible tabs were such a great gift (and a help) for him!

The Day after Easter, My husband and I Went on an overnight get away to Baden Baden.
It was a gift for the work of the Homeschool conference from the Homeschool group.
Such a GREAT blessing! (Thanks JEN!!!!) Something we never would have done for ourselves...probably ever. =)
We stayed at a charming fancy hotel in a suite, had a 6 course dinner, champagne..the works! And spent the day at the Carcalla Roman Spa. Seriously? This was amazing!

Here is a view of our amazing room!
We had such a great time together, and were coming down with a cold... at least it was both of us and not just one of us. Spending the rest of the week as a family, since my husband is off a few days... YEAH!

Thank you for visiting! May the Lord Bless you and keep you as you live for HIM!

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Laurie said...

What a fun post! I love the art work! I heard the same thing from a friend about their seeds. It looks gorgeous anyway. And how nice that you were able to get away.

Roxanne said...

You look so beautiful and happy! So glad you and Mark got some time alone. What a true blessing from your friends.
I always enjoy your posts!...and especially watching your babies grow up. Hold on, it flies by! :)
Blessings to you all...Roxanne

Wendy said...

Looks like you had a glorious Resurrection week - eggs, books, Easter baskets, a get-away! Is the hotel The Little Prince? Such a cute menu!

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