Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Salamander Room FIAR Unit Study

Back with our Five in a Row Studies!

This past week we rowed The Salamander Room by Anne Mazer

"A boy finds a salamander in the woods and imagines the many things he can do to turn his room into a perfect salamander home. Together, Anne Mazer and Steve Johnson have created a woodland paradise that any salamander would love to share with a child." Amazon.

At the begining of the week, we went down to a creek in our village, to catch some Frog Eggs. Since We don't have any salamanders that we could study in person this was our next best resource!

A ziplock bag, a strainer and 2 willing collectors... we were set!

                                                       Frog eggs..... pretty cool huh?

                                                                                                             Photo credit- googleonline

                            But first we had to figure out what was going to go in our Frog Habitat:
                                                                We did some list making.....

                                                                           KT's List

We collected plants from the creek for food when they hatch and are tadpoles.
We also had to go back for some more water after about 2 weeks and more plants. Those little tadpoles ate all the plants!

The kinders are already very familiar with the life cycles that of a frog and of a caterpillar, and differant habitats. 

I printed this online and laminated it and placed it on our tadpole tank. They enjoy seeing the stages and compare their little tadpole friends daily...

Yield to frogs- sign on the main road to my village
Here is our Frog Habitat. It sits in the corner in our living room, where we can all easily check on it, but it's away from direct sunlight. We are using Pets in a Jar for reference. We really love this book! We used it for our Caterpillar/butterfly study last spring.

 We had 8 eggs and only 5 have survived. They grow quickly!

Another Little Creature that we find plenty of are Lizards. JT prepared a habitat for this little guy a few weeks ago:

He did it all by himself and did such a great job. Food, water, hiding spots... I was impressed!
Bible Lesson:
A righteous man regards the life of his animal,
But the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.
Proverbs 12:10


We spent some time reading extra books we had on amphibians, and reptiles, lifecycles etc... They learned about cold blooded and warm blooded creatures.
A great book to go along with this study was the Magic School Bus Hops Home.

 ART: We made our own Salamanders from Clay.

ART: Kt also learned how to draw frogs and I taught her how to make 3-D letters. She loved it!

We made our lapbooks, and printed off some fun pages from homeschoolshare! I love this website! It's a favorite for resources. =)

This was also our first lesson on Vertebrates and Invertebrates.

Our Tadpoles are 3 weeks old now... I hope to post full grown "froggies" soon!
The more we study science, I am truly amazed at our God!

Math Fun :

Games we played to go along with the Frog fum!:

Resources for our study:

The Learning never ends!

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