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Summer Bucket List Series: Camping Adventure

Sometimes, the thrown together events at the last minute are the BEST events!

As part of our Summer Bucket List with our friends; we wanted to have a family night of camping in the back yard. But the weather just wouldn't allow it each time we planned it. We actually gave up on the whole idea. 
Thursday we all met at the pool since it was so warm (90!) ; and here in Germany you better go if it's warm, becuase you may not see another day like it!

Camping was brought up and we checked the weather... and the very next day was scheduled to be RAIN FREE! 

And this is the VERY FIRST time my children have ever camped out.
 3 families, 10 Kids....

So Here is our Camping Adventure!

Since it was held in our backyard, the kinders and I spent that afternoon getting things together. Everyone came by the late afternoon to set up their tents and eat.

First, The Kinders all did a fun craft:
They made seashell necklaces.

By using and ancient technique,  they were able to create small holes in the tops of the shells by rubbing them on a large stone/brick.

It takes a little while for thicker shells... Place your thumb in the little cup of the shell and rub back and forth. Then string on!

They loved it! And it was something they could keep working on during the weekend...

I made a camp site sign using an old board I had, and rocks. Super easy, and fun!

All set up!

A Very excited boy made it through the night in his OWN tent!

Roasted Hot Dogs over the fire, and side dishes shared by all!

(psst, there aren't any bears in Germany)

The childen loved this part of the day of course!

 After Dinner we went for a Hike in the woods about a mile to this great woodland park. But before we could begin our adventure in the woods we handed  out Survival kits for the rest of the night! (thankfully I had all this purchased earlier this summer so it was easy peasy to put together) I printed little tags onto each one and tied with yarn. (tag reads: Thank you for coming! Camp Happy Hollow)

Survival Kit:
* Colman Glo-stick ( for use as a night light in their tent)
* Water gun to scare off "Bears"
* one mini stuffed animal bear in case anyone is a little "scared" in their tent
* one band aid
* one bottle of water
* bandana for the hike (so we can spot the kids easily in the woods.)
* one small piece of candy


Bandana's on - Ready to Go!!!! ( Isn't it soo funny how they all have their own ideas on how to wear a bandana?!?!)

                                                 KT wanted a bow on top of her head.... =)

The Boys.....

 It was fun! Wooden pirate ship, Tee pees, forts.... The sun was setting and so we arranged for my brother and another dad to drive the cars down to pick the crew up so we wouldn't have to hike back.

When we returned from the hike, our next surprise was an OUTDOOR MOVIE on the wall of our house!
My brother worked it all out while we were gone, set it up and everything!
 He is so awesome!
We already owned a projector, which made this an easy activity to put together.
It was like being in a theatre.

The kids were SO Excited!

Movie: The Jungle Book

They All got into their jammies and played with thier glow sticks while the Mamas were inside getting "movie snacks" ready!


* Chocolate covered Trail Mix
* Glow in the Dark lemonade

My pictures didn't turn out, But this is where I got the idea for the drinks, and here is a great picture!
Aren't these so FUN?

By 11:00 it was lights out, and the kids all fell asleep pretty quick!
We didn't get a chance to roast marshmellows or make smores, so we decided to make those for breakfast.

You were only allowed in the House if you had to use the :

Bed Head KT: She didn't wake up along with everyone else... 2 hours later I FINALLY woke her up! =)

Breakfast: Everyone brought something to share:

                                                                            * Cereal
* Toast (on the campfire)
* Roasted Apples (on the campfire)
* Fruit
* Muffins

I had such a great time with my kinders and our friends!!!!

Morning beauties.... =)

                 As a take home Keepsake the kinders and I made each family a mini photo album.


Pie on a stick

Trail Mix

Thank you for visiting!!!
Invite a few families over and make some memories!


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Kelli said...

What a super cool activity!! I love how you took something so simple as camping and turned it into such an adventure. I am sure all the kids had a blast!! How fun =)

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