Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wildflowers: Life Size Field Guide & Flower Art

A few months ago I saw this amazing craft over at the ARTFUL Parent.

So we decided to go out and search for some wild flowers and make our own Floral display!
After a beautiful walk in our village we came home with a handful!

An old picture Mat
Contact Paper - clear
Tape ( to hang on the window)

I laid it on the ground with contact paper facing up already attached to the picture Mat...The kinders placed them everywhere... No pattern, just random....

                    This part of the project took about 20 minutes.. not to long.. but they loved it!

TA DA!!!! Isn't it cheerful?
When the sun shines it's really pretty. The only thing though, was that it wasn't completely sealed so they did dry out and turn brown from the sun within 3 days... But all the more reason to go and make another one!

After we picked so many flowers.. I realized we didn't know the names of hardly any of them! So, taking a  great idea and making it ours.... from Journey into unschooling (love this blog):

I created LIFE SIZE Wild flower field guides!

I copied them on my copier/printer with a white sheet of paper on top to help with the backround, and then laminated, hole punched and put them on a Metal Ring! Easy Peasy! It only took about 30 min or so to do it.. The Kinders LOVE it!  I just bought a book on wildflowers in Europe and I labeled each on on the back for easy reference. If you live over here you NEED this book!

                                           Now we have it ready to go with their nature bags!

As you find more flowers you can keep adding to your collection with the metal ring... especially
as there are differant flowers during the seasons. Next I am going to make one with only Tree leaves.

Some awesome Coloring books for your Flower Study:
By Dover

Download many Wild Flower coloring pages from

Thank you for visiting! =)


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Michelle said...

Your display looks so bright, cheerful and colorful hanging in the window! Just makes me happy looking at it. Love the scenery outside your window! Great job on the flower guides too!

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