Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rabbit Unit Study

Baby Bunnies!
Lots of them!

This summer has been quite an adventure with "animals."
Our neighbors rabbit's had bunnies a few weeks ago.. and we were able to see them and watch them grow! We actually own two rabbits. One boy and one Girl. But they live in "seperate" homes. =)  It was a wonderful learning experience to watch these babies.

 So I decided to take it a step further and study Rabbits a little more with the Kinders...

 Sshhh it's not school! We were on summer break! =)

 We made lapbooks, looked up our own rabbits breed and where they originated from.
We talked about what dangers Rabbits face, we kept a log of the baby bunnies and how many weeks it was till we could hold them. We checked on them often and logged their growth with pictures!

                                               And of course lots of hands on experience!

The kinders made a lapbook of their Rabbits.
 I was able to find everything I needed at
Homeschool Share Click here

We have a Dutch Rabbit Named "Rootbeer" He is pretty new to us.. only a few months.. He is our outdoor bunny and is very friendly.

And  then there is "Bun Buns" our little Dwarf bunny. She has been with us over a year now. She usually is indoors and litter trained. But very skittish. She hides most of the day. =)

One loves carrots and lettuce, and the other refuses to touch them! So we talked about their differances and wrote them down. I included pictures in their lapbooks of our rabbits. They probably wont' stay with us forever, or for the next year.. So this is a nice memory we are making.

                                      Here are some photos logging the babies growth.

                                                                    A great mini Unit study!

Here are a few of our FAVORITE Rabbit Books!
 Make sure to check them out at the library, or click on these links to read more!

Uncle Remus Stories- Brer Rabbit

Have you seen this movie?
YOU MUST! Great family movie!

some fun Coloring Pages


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As always, you are the best. You make the world come alive for these kids and that is priceless!!!

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