Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nature Hunt

There is this amazing lake out by our old house, that we say we are going to visit all the time... and it usually turns out we make it there once a year.. =(... We went on a Nature Hunt. It was one of the most fun family days we have had!

I wish i could read these signs! My German is terrible! They were posted all over the nature trail.. and the kids LOVED running up to them to see what other parts of the world they came from, or where else they grow!

We fed the Swans, and the duckies....

I took along a basket from home, and made my Nature hunt book from a piece of construction paper, and glued some leaves on it really quick.. and inside made a list of things for us to find.

  • Acorn
  • tree branch
  • red leaf
  • orange leaf
  • flower
  • bird feather
  • chestnut and shell
  • rock
  • snail shell
  • pine cone
  • red berries
note to self bring 2 baskets ( one for each kid) and more bread for the ducks! and a pen to mark of the list... (oops)

Here are my Tree Huggers!
we stopped and measured tons of trees... some BIG some small... they loved that part!
we talked about God's beautiful creation, and pondered funny shaped branches, tiny bugs and had the best day!

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