Monday, December 28, 2009


We have workboxes! I am sure by now if you are in the homeschooling internet loop, you have heard of Sue Patricks Workbox System. we LOVE it!!
Here instead of using teh shoe box bins that are suggested, i didn't have the space in my school room, so I made my own with these awesome bins from Ikea's Trofast system. While a bit pricey, ( here in germany it's in Euros) I loved the clean look of them, and the fact that i can purchase more as the kids get older and need the full 12 bins. I love how easy it is to slide the drawers out, and that they can take the bins to the table to work out of. I was seriously bummed when ikea was sold out of the cool green and pink bins and had only white when i went! ugh! i will evenutally buy those since it brightens up the area... but for nwo this will do!

i also dont like the fact of putting the empty bins in a stack on the floor. mostly due to lack of space, and having something out of place drives me nuts =) so, i have decided to have the kids just turn the bins around when they are done.. with a star on the back or a thumbs up. The bins are large enough to hold puzzles, workbooks, and even most maniuplatives. if the box doesn't fit something, i just dump it out into one of these bins, and it's perfect! the kids are SO excited to see what's in them everyday. they even helped me put them together!

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Brillant! My best friend sent me this link because she was wishing she had done her workboxes this way. This is a great idea!



Angela at said...

thank you SO much!!!!!!

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