Monday, December 28, 2009

School Room

This is our School room..
It's located off to the right of our dining room, it's the perfect spot!
There is always more i want to do with it, but as of today, this is what it looks like. my desk next to the workboxes are on the left, along with my craft shelf to the far left from ikea the leskvik shelf.

this is our puzzle only cabinet. This was a cabinet i found junking and painted it. i love it and will never be able to part with it! My children LOVE puzzles, so having only a few short of a thousand is a must in our home! =)

This Yellow cabinet, is pine, we just painted it... KT and myself. isn't it cute? it's perfect for my school books, and the bottom cabinets hold all our manipulatives. ( i should get a photo of that later) each book section is catagorized by subject.

The childrens table for now, is from ikea. not sure of the name of it, as i bought it second hand.
the window shelf is our "Season" shelf... things we collect during the season outdoors, related books, crafts etc... note my wall maps and addition are french.. the joys of living in europe =)

This is my where i hang the verses after we are done memorizing them. With memorizing i have taken the time to make sure that the children learn it in the hearts, and not just memorize just for the sake of memorizing... if it takes us weeks to practice what the verse means and use it in our lives before going to the next one then we do. if it takes only one week for them to understand and write it on their hearts, super! =)

i just started this, we have an additional basket filled with seasonal books from the library. we love it!

This was our empty hallway, one that only leads to the rest of the house upstairs. what a perfect place to display the kids art! we walk past it all the time, and the kids LOVE that everyone can see them.

This is our library basket. we fill it up every 2 weeks or so... it gets VERY Heavy =)
The libary is a Family favorite stop. I usually spend about 1-1/5 hours a day reading stories to the kids, we go through books fast. i love that out of every so many trips, there are books that become the kids favorites, and i usually try to pick them up online to add to our personal collection. i am also collecting fabric that goes along with favorite stories to make a quilt someday, so they can remember all their favorites... Five in a Row gave me this wonderful idea!

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Rachelle said...

Angela you are too cute with your kiddos and Junking. I miss junking with you and seeing you get great stuff.

Angela at said...

Rachelle! thank you! and come visit someday!!! =)
you are so sweet,

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