Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chore List - Pre-k Kindergarten

Earlier this Summer I was desperate for some sort of schedule in our home, one that the kids could refer to, and we could all benefit from. So, we made this schedule.

I had the kids cut out images from magazines of the things we do during the day, then i used clocks so that JT could practice telling the time (and i also wrote the time next to it )... we came up with this large poster. I hung it in an obvious place. and it REALLY helped my 3 year old know what was coming next. this helped  a lot with the "I don't' want to's and the But i want to do this or that..." attitudes. My Son loved it because he is an organized person who loves maps, and plans and so this was right up his alley! he loved knowing what was ahead for the day...

But now , as we have started kindergarten, I need to come up with a plan that involves our schedule now with more school time... this worked great.... and i am so bummed i glued all this together... but it will be fun to make another one! =)

Over the holidays we totally forgot about the list, and my kids are in their jammies till noon some days including mama! So it's time to put it all back into practice =) I just wanted to post it, because this was so awesome for my 3 year old to see at her level what the day was going to be like. we didn't always stick to it by the time frame though.. but the things we did we tried to do each day.

Each day we do have a time when I set the timer and for 15 min we "Bless our house" ( thanks fly lady!)

We do this mid day to clean up the morning fun time, put things away and run the laundry etc.
This doesn't count as their Chore time or their getting ready for the day time.
It works great, and when i say "it's time to bless the house, " they start to look for their toys right away. but when the timer is done.. so are we! Loosing the timer is the worst for me!

This is KT doing her morning chores. =)  This was a day we did our little wall schedule and was dressed first thing! =) She looks so sweet here!

KT chores
  • Empty the silveware in the dishwasher
  • Line up the shoes by the front door
  • Take her little laundry basket to the washer ( it's just her size.)
I have pics of each of these, to print out for her on a card... but i haven't printed them yet.
JT Chores
  • Wipe down the dining table after each meal
  • Pick up trash around the house that's on the floor( we have a beagle who eats things, so there is alot of odd trash items laying around once he has gotten to it!)
  • Brings down his laundry basket to washer
  • Brings up his clothes from washer & puts away
  • Feeds dog and lets him out

Their Morning Routine is called the 5 Fingers .

I am sure I got it from my favorite book called Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel...

I traced their hands and wrote their 5 morning chores for starting their day on it. It's on their bedroom door. They LOVE it. we are going on a year for this one, and they still do it well.

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Get dressed
  3. Brush teeth
  4. Make bed ( I help KT with this one)
  5. Bible verse of the week

I will post more of how our new daily calendar goes.  I would love to hear other ideas that work for you and your family!

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