Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's on our Shelf? Manipulatives

Here is a peek into our yellow cabinet . =) who doesn't love these kinds of things! I am always looking for more hands on fun, to incorporate into our days... we are very fortunate to live in an area where yard sales and flea markets are constant... and many homeschoolers in the area. I am a bargain hunter, and ALL the manipulatives you see, I have purchased second hand! yeah! I try to store each one in it's one rubbermaid bin after I get it. I save the label and tape it to the outside, and then throw away the original box... this works great for storing, and for easy clean up with KT & JT.

Here is a pic of it before organizing day! =)

My Kinders have really enjoyed these dress a bear sets, and wooden sewing kit.

we have lots of Memory, Bingo, and other matching games! KT loves it! the bottom left one is of famous paintings from Paris France... I did buy this one at a whopping 20 euros (aprox 30 bucks) at teh Claude Monet Museum gift shop. The kinders have loved this game, and have since learned a few of the famous artists from it!

these are snap on beads ( bottom bin) and this makes a great GREAT time for KT. She can do it easily, and take it apart easily... we are so thankful we found this!

Here are some I made myself. After browsing many school catalogs, and filling up my shopping cart, only to never get around to actually purchasing it, i made a few for KT. I took some beads i had purcahsed from the thrift store, and i sorted them into Color matching, Shape sorting, and made my own pattern cards with some clear tape. JT helped make these for her. She does enjoy them. i also did Color matching with colored paper clips onto the card.. this was good for color matching ( which was to easy for her by the time i made this) but the actual "clipping" was fun for her tiny hands! And it was already stuff I had around the house.

Above are some German Kinder Games that i picked up at the local kinderbasars. Flea markets for local school fundraising, of only kids items!! This has become a serious addiction for me! We love All of these...

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