Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Workbox Fun

Being 2010 and excercise becomes one of our new resolutions.. I thought I would sha
After reading so much about workboxes, joining the workbox yahoo group, reading other homeschoolers blogs, I actually had my own idea! at least I think I do! Ha Ha! Iam sure there is a variation of this somewhere and I haven't seen it, and if there is please send me a comment on it, i would love that! =) I picked these up at a yard sale for $1 brand new in the box! And for a few months it's been on my shelf.. I took it out and thought to put them in the workboxes ...Kinders LOVED it!!!! It's so exciting for them and they can't wait to see which one they get next. I usually put 1 or 2 in there a day.. they also do each others mats, and it's double teh work out. =)
They are floppy rubber mats, great for laying on the floor and hopping one to the other for fun too!

Lakeshore Let's Get moving activity mats

Children skip, squat and stretch their way to coordination and physical fitness—with super-fun activity mats that are sure to get the whole class moving! You get a set of 15 big, no-slip vinyl mats featuring 15 illustrated activities—perfect for indoor & outdoor games, music and movement activities, and more. Mats are 9" x 9". GG735 • $39.95

JT working on his Go for the Code workbook

Another Day in Kinder Land.... Working on HWT, games and more!

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photoJENic said...

Love those mats, and you got such a fabulous deal! It reminds me a little of Hullabaloo, which I think you'd like too. :)

Angela at said...

Thank you photoJENic... =) we have that too and LOVEEEE it! thanks for visiting and for the comment!

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