Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Wonderland ..our life

What an eventful winter wonderland type of week. Due to more snow, we stayed in all week but 2 days... and played lots of games, and played outside... and read ..and read some more and read some more....

And daddy re-enlisted another 4 years this past monday!

he even got a cake !
Remeber last week, I posted all the SNOW WAS GONE????'s back! This is the drive and that's our village up ahead. It's my favorite spot to drive through... isn't it beeeeuteefull?=)

and it's cold.... we had 9 inches this weeked...

This is JT working on our magentic letters. He spent a good hour making words on his own!

I felt really bad when he kept calling me to come see , when I was doing the dishes... and being a bit annoyed I walked in to see this:
shame on me!! I have vowed to always and joyfully be excited when they say come see a 1,000 times a day from now on! =)

JT has been working on his writing... thought you would like to see how he is coming along...

Here are my labels I finally put on for the workboxes. since I dont like these to be on the floor when they complete a box, I put a thumbs up on each one.. now they just turn the box around and put it back on the shelf, and they can see which boxes are left!

Thank you Papa T for my stickers! I got your letter on Friday!

KT..during her quiet story time...she loves to pick the unusual for reading...=) I can see her in a tree doing school one day...

Kt LOVES these, she spent a good hour on these little guys.

we all played this several times this week... a number matching game.

And we finally finished up our About me Lapbook. yeah! Here is KT measuring her arm. =0)

JT thought this was a funny joke to play on mommy... He shoveld the driveway...and ran the doorbell.. when i opened it... snow was at the door...piled high! he had the best laugh!

Friday we went swimming. Daddy and his work team were doing a cardboard boat race, so we went a bit early and played. ( well they did! i watched)

it was a really nice break from the snowy weather...

We brought all the instruments we owned, and cheered on the teams. It was alot of fun and the kids loved being apart of the musical side of it! Here the Team wins the "Team Spirit" Award! yeah!!! they were on the news too! does this count as music class this week? =)

on a side note, here is a pillow I made this week... The kids love it when i decorate for ALL Seasons... so this is one of our decorations..=)
Sorry this wasn't to detailed. but my time this week has run out, and I am tired! I have been reading as much as I can in my spare time, and have a few things to share next week about our Bible story time.
have a wonderful week!

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