Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Wonderland...our life this week

Well this was a short week for school. =) Daddy had a 4 day we really only did 3 days of school this week. But this past weekend, We went out to France to all my favorite second hand stores, and picked up furniture for my new learning center! Here is a sneak peek below! It deserves it's own special i will blog about that in a bit! But it's just about done!

Here are some groovy trays I picked up out there as well for 2 Euros! The red one is magnetic and the blue are 2 matching for soooo many things... I was super excited about the red one, becuase i have been wanting it for using magnetic letters on etc... the others are very large, for keeping their crafts or beads from rolling around the table. =)

And this is KT... after a Looong day shopping. =) she laid down herself, got comfy and went to sleep!

The next day, there happened to be a KinderBasar about 40 min away. Gramma, JT and I had a great time! Here is what they usually look like! quite festive, and coffee & cake... a must!

Here are a few games and puzzles I bought for school!

We did manage to start the study of MAPS... in our All About Me Study this week.. Here JT and I drew our house map, and our street map together. We then spent a good hour on Google Maps zooming in and around our area.. He LOVED that! It's one of his favorite new things now to check out! I just set up our Geography Learning Center, so we will get more into it in the next few weeks.

While at Grandma & Papas, the kids have a new fun toy at their house! Thanks G-ma for always coming up with great ideas! it's a big playmat you color on (both sides) and then throw in the wash when done! it fits up to 6 kids at a time! how cool is that?

While KT naps, JT and I usually spend some time every day drawing. This week we drew Birds.
He loved the parrot. So, he practiced this one ....... This is ALL by himself. no help!

He then decided to color it in, and add some scenery! Go JT!

This is the book we used. I picked up at the Thrift store a few weeks ago. It's Very simple.

There's My little Buddy...So sweet!

KT enjoying her new German matching Puzzle. What goes with What... she loved it!

JT and I did the Rhyming Words from Scholastic. a great puzzle matching set. It takes a bit to do, so It's a fun Workbox activity for him to do alone as well. Here the kids are playing their new froggy game, and KT...reading on the couch.. =)

On our way to Papa's House for his Birthday Party.....

Papa's Birthday

Here were are this week at the Library..I am glad I had my camera that day, becuase this was a cute moment. They love to spread out and read books there, after we fill the basket!

Speaking of books, Out of all the books we borrowed last week, these below were their
MOST Favorite of all! Ones to add to our home collection someday...

I think I read these at least 20 times each! phew!

It does surprise me though somtimes which ones become favorites...

Friday night we all went for Disney Family Bingo on was alot of Fun!
JT's first time at a real bingo game. it was 2 hours long ( to long for KT) and we didn't win..
But we will go again!

how cute are these vintage boards?

The Momster.. and JT.. BINGO!

Ummmm, where is all the snow we just had dumped on us the last few weeks? would you believe we had 8-10 inches such a short time ago?

This saturday we hit a yard sale... score on School books! here are some of the great books we got! Plus a ton of Clifford books, magnetic letters, hooked on phonics sets, the scholastic BOB books ( I have been wanting these) and more... for only $10!!! Thank you Lord for always providing EXACTLY what we needed!

My camera wasn't uploading onto the computer, so I wasn't able to post on friday as usual.. So I plan to post about the Learning Center tommorow! Thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful Week!!!

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