Friday, January 15, 2010

I am fearfully and wonderfully made... Unit Study

"I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Psalm 139:14"

Thank goodness it's Friday!! What a week! =) I decided to start this month learning with the kinders.... "All about me."

You are probably looking at the cute little guy above in his little Body Costume...= ) This was one of my first "school" purchases 2 years ago at Lakeshore learning center. My first time in a School supply store.... The "What's Inside Me Apron." ehemmm Yikes I paid full price! (it was actually $45 then) but, I just HAD to have it as I thought it was the cutest thing! and this was our very first time using it, so as you can imagine I was more excited than the kids to pull it out. =)It was a hit. Look at all their other cool stuff on the Human Body. My wish list is growing!!

Our theme song this week, is an all time Favorite by The Donut Man. He is our #1 childrens christian dvd/music favorite! We can't say enough about his ministry.
My children have loved him since they were 1.

If you haven't heard of him before; This is one of his albums Wonderfully Made... But this song "I'm so wonderful made" is also on a DVD for the kids- at the Zoo. you can listen to it too on the link above as well .

This week we decided to paint Van Goughs's Starry Night... JT's is on the left - KT's on the Right...KT insisted purple and green were her colors for the day...

We got this great book at a yard sale- it's 3-D Kid and it opens up and is as tall as KT. =) We had alot of fun with this! And it was just right for this week.

full swing into lapbook day....

ART Time

Lapook All About ME

All of the Lapbook materials are from

I cut out most of the pieces before we start, as it's a lot of cutting and the kids
loose interst if we do to much cutting. They are glue-ers =) so here it is in the work

box ready to go!

For the eyes, we cut out things from magazines that were the same colors as their eyes.

we learned about germs, and washing hands ; our brain and all it's wonders, sense of smell, touch...we studied finger prints and how unique we are .
I really wanted to do fingerprint art.. i hope to do that this week! We talked about their Favorite things, we drew their hands and talked about all the things our hands can do, we talked about taking care of "Me" including excersise, eating healthy, sleeping, etc. we did a basic intro to the food pyramid.
One of the other fun excersise things we did this week was play the Game Cranium Hullaballo ... GREAT game for all ages!

I bought each of the kids their own measuring tape. They loved that! we measured all over, and it was even used as a leash for buster! Score! =)

How can you do a study of the Body without the Hokey Pokey? =)

We talked about how to stay healthy, and what germies can do, and this is KT's new
favorite Book. =) When they are sick, JT's favorite thing is his puppy, and KT's favorite is Her jammies and a show. =)

This was a fun book we just started, I picked it up at a yard sale( yes, you will hear me say that ALL the time), and it was a bit advanced for KT,. But JT loved all the images.

We drew Their bodies on the back of Christmas Wrapping paper. It was suggested

to use butcher paper, but... you take what you can ... and it worked super! The next day we
then glued on the brain, the heart, the lungs & stomach. KT put these on herself! GREAT job ! she got them all in just about the right spot! see, they all learning something! =)

They loved to see themselves after i cut it out! they thought this was the best!

They loved me tracing them...

And it kept them busy for a good hour! Got some mommy internet time in on this one...

Food group sorting

I had them go up to the play area, and had them go "shopping" for foods on my list.
we then talked about them and put them in the right piles for - meat, grains, dairy, fruit/veggies
A song we love is by Miss Patty Cake ( Christian children's singer & KT's Favorite) Called Fruits & Veggies. It's Catchy .

And one more Favorite for US is Boz the Bear. He also has a great song on Eating Healthy! It's on a Dvd called Bananas, Bubbles and Busy Bodies. This DVD in general is good for the All about Me week too!

Taking a break from our study, this is outside our living room window. we get this incredible

view everyday! We love it so much! The horses are so fun to watch, and we get to enjoy their beauty without the work!

And this is a fat little bird outside the hospital on Tuesday. He was so brave, and didn't fly away, look how close we were!

Totally fun for the kids!!! we inspected the prints under the glass, and were once amazed again by God's greatness.

I blindfolded the kids and had them reach into this bucket, and try to figure out what they were holding without peeking. they did really good! I just grabbed stuff all around, it was a spur of the moment game so it was nothing amazing, on using our hands to "see." The kids played it like 4 times, but by then they had memorized the items...=)

GREAT book! I remember having this as a kid! ( thanks G-ma K for saving it!)

JT loves it becuase it's so interactive. it has 3-d glasses, and lots of fold a flaps etc.
here is an inside photo.. cool eh?

What's a study of the body without Operation? JT won each time!

(Thanks Papa-T )

it was bit hard for KT, But she hangs in there! JT loves it! but what game doesn't he love? =)

I picked this up new, at the thrift store, and have been saving it. This was the perfect week to bring it out for JT. LeapPad Book - Where does my food go?

I think we have made snow cones everyday this week! For us Deutchland-ers, snow is rare, so we better eat it all before it melts right?

KT- on the phone with Papa T =)

These are two books we own, and read this week. They are so sweet. And I thought fit rather well into our study...
The Tiny Snowflake and God Gave us You.

Next week, as we continue on our All About me Study, we are going to learn about Where we Live.... I am also working on My Learning Centers. I hope to post those in the next few weeks. So far I have a Space center, Building Center, Geography Center...
Have a wonderful weekend, Blessings...


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Anonymous said...

I want to come to your school?! I can tell you are having so much fun. And, I'm sure re-learning lots too. I loved the kids tracing themselves. (I also did that with my kids many years ago - and that kind of stuff is what I label, valuble!! The rest...hey, it's just stuff and can be replaced.)

Again, I love your blog! Enjoy these precious days - soon they will be filled with Latin, Algebra 2, Logic, etc. Yikes!! :)
Blessings always, Roxanne

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