Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Caps For Sale FIAR Study

This past week we rowed the book Caps For sale by Esphyr Slobodkina. 
It was one of the kids Favorites!

First let me share some great news! 

Most of you know being in the military, you go where they send you. Our time in Germany (the past 6 years) has been wonderful. Our time to move on is coming in December.. We really want to stay here in Germany, and had put down several places on our "dream sheet" last week.. to include, Germany, Hawaii, (one year remote alone to turkey, and one to Korea ) ... if you get Korea or Turkey, you get to choose after that Well, we got Korea. The news came quickly. We heard right away. Which is great since it can take months to find out.

While going away for a year, seems bearable; and everyone says one year is easy... it's the upcoming deployment in May- for 6 months + the one year that is hard to digest. When he returns from his deployment, he will be home for 2 months and then head to Korea.

 We plan on visiting him a few times during that year, and he will get to come home once. So that is a Praise! We will ask for Germany, and will know if we get that in the next few months. I am so grateful that I have family here to help me this time.

 We shared the news with our family over our weekly Wednesday night dinner...

The kids don't know.. and it's going to be SO hard. So please if you remember, keep us in prayer.... especially me. It was extremely hard for his 4 month deployment.

Last week the kinders got new helmets and knee pads.

I am gonna miss this.... Moments with Daddy.... (not gonna cry....not gonna cry..)
Here, they are both learning to play the piano. No pecking!!!

After a big day at Yaba Doo; the indoor play park with daddy... she fell asleep on the way home. This is Kt's most favorite place to go!

Kt rocking her baby... (how does she know how to do that stuff? Girls!) See her cute ribbon? Thanks Diane for sending them!!!!! =)

Okay, well on to our School week, or what was of it... we hardly have done much I feel the last few weeks... Kt & Jt are down with the cold again. That makes for some grumpiness .

Here is our Caps for Sale lap book. I have to say their isn't much to really lap book about for this book, but it was still fun! We did things that weren't really in the paper form this week.

Here I printed and did a small page on Van Gogh's painting for their book.

I also looked up photos of different peddlers. We printed them out, and cut and pasted them into a little booklet. Kt colored the front of her page.

These were alot of fun to look at! The kids loved it! JT wants to be a flower peddler, so he can smell all the flowers in his truck while selling them.. =) Kt says she wants to be a toy peddler.

The next few pages for our lapbook were from here .

We did lots of counting with KT, and I wrote the numbers in for her.

Jt coloring the monkey's.

One activity for "Caps for sale" :was to find all the hats in our house (this took a good 15 minutes). Then we took turns stacking them on their heads to see who could get the most on their head without them falling.
 Jt wins with 12~! They loved it!

Even the doghad some hat fun!!! He is a trooper!

My son took the fun further and went to his room and blew up these balloons and came down to sell! He was the balloon peddler! So cute! He cracks me up!

Kt drew here first tree all by herself last week! Yeah! Not to shabby for 3.

We are continuing with drawing simple objects with JT. We borrowed this book from the library. It's alot of fun!

Who says you can't have fun in the winter in a hammock? =)

Here's a bright Idea! I am sooooo tired of telling our kids to turn off the lights in their rooms! every time I walk past their rooms, I get soooo frustrated. So yesterday I printed off a picture of a light bulb, laminated it with tape, and hung them from a string in front of their bedroom door at the level that hits their face when they walk out. I hope this will help them to remember to turn off that light!!!!!

Here is Kt painting our library basket. She loves my new blue paint and wanted to paint ANYTHING.

New Game!!!

I just bought this new game off eBay, and we love it!!

The kinders with daddy last night at Kuk Sool Wan. They tested for their 1st tiger stripes.

What do I do when I am sad? stressed? looking for something to take my mind off things?
I re-arrange, I paint, I make changes to something in our home! I don't know why, but it helps me to work through things. With our family news, I guess this is how I mentally escaped. This is my chameleon piece, I have painted this thing like 4 times. Now I am going for a summery beach look in the living room for this upcoming season. I am very happy with the color! I am usually a taupe, and red girl but this is a nice new change.
Here is a new addition to our living room! This awesome pine shrank, I painted yellow this week. Isn't it beautiful? Lots of book storage!

I picked up these little Ikea coffee tables second hand ($10), that were SOOO low to the ground I didn't know what to do with them (those European coffee tables) ... I decided to put them together, and make a little kinder area. So far, it's great for playing with their toys like playmobil, pet shop pals etc.. but  they spend alot of time coloring in here. Look at those cute "kooshies" Grandma made them for Christmas a few years ago. They are still the kids favorite seating.

Speaking of new things, I never did mention this. This is our paper holder. Can you guess what it was in it's previous life? =) A candy bar stand from a video store! The folks gave it to me. isn't it cool?

We have it on top of our work boxes.
We love our Ikea Trofast work boxes so much, that while visiting Ikea last week, they had this one in the clearance dept! So, I picked it up for JT in hopes to somehow stop the madness in his room!

Here is another new addition to the school room . This is for our new kinder computer. and in the mean time the perfect spot of our new Geo Safari.

The kinders had a little bowling fun with Daddy the other day! This gave me some time to finish some decorating... yes, MORE decorating! I sanded my buffet and dining room down.. more on that in another post.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!

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