Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Study

 Tis The Season!! =)

Before the Christmas fun begins, I would like to share our Thanksgiving season with you!
I also have several five in a row books we have completed the last few weeks;  that I will do individual posts on in January when things calm down... =) We have been busy since Daddy has been home, But are trying to make a normal routine with school here and there.  =)
This thanksgiving was our first study on the "First" Thanksgiving. we did a short Unit Study. During the year I collect books  The Kids had SO much fun!

 Here is our Unit study display.... Pretty simple.
 One of the great stories we read, which I recomend for a First time Study was On the Mayflower By Kate Waters.

We learned all about the differant Levels of the Ship, and Where things were stored, where the pilgrims slept and lived during their voyage.

 We learned about what the children on the boat did, and how they spent their days....
 Kyree loved the part of the story where a baby was born on board the Mayflower... The baby's name was "oceanus" She enjoyed playing this story over and over...
 Here are our own versions of the Mayflower! We used what we had around the house. Cut up milk crates, straws, and paper. and some paint. I printed off some pilgrims for them to color, they we laminated them for durability.
 We also made some food sacks out of brown craft paper, I filled them with real salt, rice and taped them shut. They loved these!! Justice made his own fabric sacks... =)
 Here are the "Pilgrims" packing up for the long voyage... =)
We talked about how far they traveled, and checked it out on our map too!

 We then talked about the pilgrims and what they did once they arrived, and how they survived the long winter.

Lincoln Logs...are awesome~! They played this for DAYS..... setting up camp.

We read this AWESOME book about Squanto. This is a Christian version, and we loved it!
 Daddy and the kids made little indian dolls out of corn husks...
Here is our reading center filled with thanskgiving and fall books,

And this was a FUNNY book! we really enjoyed One Tough Turkey!

and another greeat fall book KT enjoyed.....

 Here are my two little ones.... aren't they SO Cute!
We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday before, since we were heading out of town early in the week for a mini Vacation..... It was a very nice dinner, Daddy cooked.... and our Family came over!

We then spent the next few days at Paris Disneyland!!!! We had the BEST time!

 It was cold... But the christmas events at the park this year, were AMAZING. Kt was tall enough finally for her first real rollercoaster..we measure the kids before each trip... and count down.. it's quite a moment for this disney family....=)

 And Daddy got us a BIG suite!!! =) It was an awsome deal, and we were on cloud 9 the moment we walked in the door. Actually even he didn't know it was an actual 2 story house! We thought we rented a 2 bedroom suite... The price was an awesome 137 a night!!! If you stay anywhere in or near paris you know this is a STEAL!!!!
how cute is this?????

 2 bedrooms looked like this! we had 3 bathrooms, double sinks, a GIANT tub... is this really a European hotel????
 here is a view of our little Villa... (the marriot villas in case you are interested for your next trip, plus i can send you some more pictures)
Ahhhhhh... luxury for 3 days... Thanks Honey! p.s we will never stay anywhere else again in Paris. =)

Have  a wonderful week!!!! Can't wait to share some fun christmas stuff I have planned this season, and Mama's Winter Book list!

Here are some links to some awesome Thanksgiving things I found:
Here are some of my favorites, great for ALL AGES , I wanted to share this week!

The Crafty Crow - By far my favorite craft site, She has put together a LARGE collection of Amazing Thanksgiving ideas, she did such a great job, I wouldn't look anywhere else! =)

Here are some of my favorites, great for ALL AGES , I wanted to share this week!

Turkey hand print Trivets- EASY PEASY and long lasting craft for ALL ages

A Preschool Thanksgiving- I loved this idea! we are going to do this this weekend! (i think it can be for all ages)

Harvest corn Napkin Rings -

Leaf Print Napkins -

Adorable Squirrel Craft! -

Harvest corn Napkin Rings -

Leaf Print Napkins -

Adorable Squirrel Craft! -


Friday, November 5, 2010

Guess Who's Home...

What a fun day, getting ready for the Big daddy in our lives!
Nothing like having 2 kinders waking you up at 5am to tell you they are ready to go get him, knowing he isn't due till the afternoon!!!
Here they are making some signs....

Here we are...dinkin around at the airport.....

waiting....... and waiting.... (it was late)

 watching the planes come and go....

Then we waited some more outside.....


So happy, and ready to be a family for a little while..... Thanks for all your prayers, and please continue to pray as we get re-adjusted for the next few weeks....
The kids were so excited, the first thing they wanted to do when they got home was wrestle. =)
I have a feeling they won't be leaving his side anytime soon.....  =)

Thank you Jesus!

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