Monday, March 25, 2013

What's on the shelf? ....Math!


First I will share what we use for our DAILY Math, then some extra books and games we have enjoyed! I will try not to put to many things to overwhelm you! But we love trying all kinds of books and games.

For KT (1st grade) We use Math lessons for a Living Education by Queen homeschool.
We used it for kindergarten and loved it! I think that this particular book is to easy (for her) so far... and we are breezing through it...But I don't want to skip any of it...=)

It's basically a story through the entire book, and your child goes along on the adventure! Lot's of fun!

Math Facts for Copywork by Queen Homeschool
Frustrated in trying to get your child to remember math facts when flash cards, computer games, and drill sheets aren't working? Consider this: each time you drill a child with a set of facts, as he consistently gets the incorrect answer, that wrong answer gets locked in his mind over and over. Why not apply the principles of copywork here as well?  taken from Queen homeschool

I made each Kinder their own notebook ( it's just a composition journal)  to copy this from, and so far they are doing really well. We just started using this last month.

My Son (3rd grade) is using Math -U- See
 and he is just finishing BETA, and we are starting GAMMA next week. 

He loves it! We have been using it since the beginning... 

There are a million Math books out there today! These are a few we own, and that my Kinders have personally enjoyed! Maybe there is a title here that you don't know of yet!

Go Figure!: A Totally Cool Book About Numbers

                                                 Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci

Fibonacci Fun: Fascinating Activities With Intriguing Numbers 

Life of Fred Series

The Coin Counting Book


These are those little wooden crafts pieces you find in the wood section of craft stores. They are GREAT for  counters. They are great for chubby fingers, and inexpensive.  I purchased a small nail holder at the hardware store to keep them in. We have been using these for a few years, and they still look brand new!

Hand's on Economics: Click here: 

Math Games:
These are a few we have that seem to get played over and over... They are  easy for them now.. but we loved them so much I wanted to share! 

Sum Swamp - KT's favorite 

Ipad Games:
The Kinders are allowed 30 min a day for "Ipad time" In addition to that I allow them to play school games for Free.. for 30 minutes every few days. These games below are great for drilling, math facts etc.. where I just haven't had the time to do it with them....

Math Puppy
Math Express
Math Bingo
Math Magic
Rocket Math
Simply Physics
Kids Time Fun

And more!!!!

What are you favorite Math Resources? 

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