Friday, September 14, 2012

First Day of School 2012

We started School Last week! Here are the little Students! 

1St and 3rd Grade! Time is Flying!!! They are so excited for school.. and that always blesses me... 

JT:  Loves Math, and Science... He is doing well in reading, and is starting to enjoy writing... "Starting."

KT: Loves ALL school. Especially reading. She is my nature girl... always fascinated with things on our walks. She loves to make little books, and would prefer an ART lesson over anything! She loves to draw, and is into pencil drawings right now... 

We joined co-op this year and JT will be taking Cooking, Rercurve Archery, and Lego Club. He is excited !

KT will be taking Ancient Egypt Unit study, ART class, and Lego club.. She is more excited about Lego club than anything!

We do almost all our schooling together... they are 2 years apart, but we just melt everything together...and they love it! They are growing to be such good friends. When I tell them we are done with school... they don't disappear into their own corners... they stick together and do something.. it's very neat to see. 

Kyree is starting to love sitting at her own little space to do her writing... So I made her an ART center, and she loves it!

JT is becoming more flexible, with his writing and will take his school to the Kitchen Island if I am getting lunch ready ... he doesn't like to be alone much... He also is getting better at taking school on the road for our crazy errand days... I think that with him reading more he is less threatened to be on his own for some things. =)

Kyree takes lots of breaks... and that's fine with me.. we have a few little baby bunnies that come in during break time... and then we "hop" right back into school! 

Just another great reason to HOME SCHOOL..... 

We start our day with bible time, then a game of their choice, and then read alouds with mom... sometimes we take it outside... Sometimes I let them take their own reading time outside...

This time, the photos were not taken by me... just the idea, the props and the kids! LOL!

This is my beautiful family. Thank you for visiting!!! 

Have a GREAT school year!
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