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The Tale of Peter Rabbit..... FIAR Study

 Hi Again! I am going to spend the next few weeks  updating the past FIAR books we have done, but I Just haven't had the time to post... The first one goes as far back as last May! - =( In the next few days the posts will be on "The Glorious Flight", " The Giraffe that walked to Paris", "Three Names" and "Harold and the purple Crayon..."

Today is The Tale of Peter Rabbit!!!
This was by far one of our most favorite studies!

I set up our display table with lots of puzzles and a peter rabbit game. And some stuffed Friends I found  ebay for very inexpensive prices. I did plan ahead for this study, So finding these cheap took some time =)
I set up a watering can , some flowers, a spring apron for the table cloth.
The kinders spent hours here, they just loved to walk up and play.

Here I placed a basket of go-alongs to the story .... There are many in the Peter Rabbit series that are wonderful to read as well.

We placed a chamomille tea bag on our table, and we talked about how it can help our tummies, and other teas made from flowers and leaves can also help us when we are sick... God certainly has created amazing things hasn't he?

My kids are to old for stacking blocks, but I just couldn't pass these up as they told the story on each side, so we used it as a story sequence game. =) They loved it!

Puzzle fun! My children LOVE puzzles of all kinds, So I really wanted to make sure I had one for this study. As you read the teachers guide in FIAR there isn't a whole lot you can do in the study unless it's in the lapook department etc... so this really was fun for them!

I found this game online as well, and it was alot of fun! We played this many times. (total splurge) I think this one is from British Ebay.

We took a book tour and visited Great Britain, London and the town from where Beatrix Potter lived.

Beatrix Potter 's art work is using Water colors. So for ART we learned all about Water Colors, and painted a few of our own coloring pages.... JT loved this! He spent alot of time on his.
First he drew a picture out of a book, then painted it.

Ta Da!!!

And we had to do a mini study on Cottontails! =)
we added this to our lapbook study, and learned about different rabbits here in Europe.

We also went outside and designed our own Garden on paper, as to what we were going to continue planting in our garden.....

They really enjoyed this!

We grew Strawberries, Carrots, onions, and flowers...
at the end of the season we only had a few of each...=( But it was a great learning experience, and this year we will try again!

I decided to purchase the Peter Rabbit Lapbook online from FIAR to see what their lapbooks entailed...
It was a bit pricey, but if you dont' want to look around online for things to put in yours, this is a great lapbook purchase, with tons of information to print out and do. I personally though probably wouldn't buy another one... But I like looking for things I want to put in our lapbooks.. =)

We also watched these AMAZING dvd's  that Gramma lent us

We also went online and visited Beatrix Potters Home

 and the  The wonderful World of Beatrix Potter We are going there, I think it will be next season though, as It's a bit of road travel from the London airport if we fly in. 
It's Amazing you have to visit the site!!! 

Can you imagine going to this:

Thursday 21st April at 10.00am


The North of England's biggest Easter Egg Hunt. Specially commissioned handmade ceramic eggs hidden throughout Cumbria. There is a prize for each egg found, 10 of which have special prizes

photo credit wide Cow

And Finally My son and I stayed up one night to watch

Since it has been almost a year that we did the study, JT still considers this his favorite one. So for our recent Homeschool Academics Fair he decided to do his presention on this story:

He did amazing!
He loved it, and I was pleasantly surprised at how he enjoyed giving a presentation. Looks like we have a natural speaker on our hands - =)

we even brought our pet Bunny "Bun Buns" for display! =)

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