Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rabbit Unit Study

Baby Bunnies!
Lots of them!

This summer has been quite an adventure with "animals."
Our neighbors rabbit's had bunnies a few weeks ago.. and we were able to see them and watch them grow! We actually own two rabbits. One boy and one Girl. But they live in "seperate" homes. =)  It was a wonderful learning experience to watch these babies.

 So I decided to take it a step further and study Rabbits a little more with the Kinders...

 Sshhh it's not school! We were on summer break! =)

 We made lapbooks, looked up our own rabbits breed and where they originated from.
We talked about what dangers Rabbits face, we kept a log of the baby bunnies and how many weeks it was till we could hold them. We checked on them often and logged their growth with pictures!

                                               And of course lots of hands on experience!

The kinders made a lapbook of their Rabbits.
 I was able to find everything I needed at
Homeschool Share Click here

We have a Dutch Rabbit Named "Rootbeer" He is pretty new to us.. only a few months.. He is our outdoor bunny and is very friendly.

And  then there is "Bun Buns" our little Dwarf bunny. She has been with us over a year now. She usually is indoors and litter trained. But very skittish. She hides most of the day. =)

One loves carrots and lettuce, and the other refuses to touch them! So we talked about their differances and wrote them down. I included pictures in their lapbooks of our rabbits. They probably wont' stay with us forever, or for the next year.. So this is a nice memory we are making.

                                      Here are some photos logging the babies growth.

                                                                    A great mini Unit study!

Here are a few of our FAVORITE Rabbit Books!
 Make sure to check them out at the library, or click on these links to read more!

Uncle Remus Stories- Brer Rabbit

Have you seen this movie?
YOU MUST! Great family movie!

some fun Coloring Pages


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home Made FUN: How to make a Kinder *Play Tree house....

For a long time I have been wanting a pretend & play treehouse for the kinders....
There are some really adorable ones out there.. but also pricey. They range from $75-$125.00 plus shipping.  So I decided to make one.
And here is my little Tutorial!

Here were my inspirations:

                             Here is what I did. I found an old wooden plant stand for just $2. 

Differant sizes and levels.... Look at all the options of what you can create!!

You can find these at Thrift shops, and yard sales and even on Ebay...
I then found some flat pieces of wood.. a few of mine were old butcher cutting boards.. I found at a flea market for $1 each. And another is a craft plaque... you can find these at your local craft shop or here. They are not expensive..

I bought some "ladders" at the Pet store in the Bird section for .79-1.00 each. I unscrewed the hooks and they were the perfect size.

Next ,I used Gorilla Glue to glue the wooden pieces right on top of the plant stand.
I used heavy books to hold it down while it dried, as gorilla glue expands! 

                                                                             Here it is!

I made a hammoc by just sewing together a few scraps of canvas fabric. Cut the sides with pinking shears for extra cuteness, And hung it with yarn.

After I let it dry for a few hours, I then hot glued small wood branch slices for the steps. These you can find in a craft shop or go outside and have the Daddy in your house cut you some. I bought mine in a store in france, for $1 euro. I washed them and let them air dry. Then I glued them on.

I hot glued some more pieces together to make little chairs and a table.

                       I then used green felt ( grass) and glued it down on the bottom level. 

                              I  hot glued some rocks, and some craft faux mushrooms. 
                            In the End I don't think I spent more then $10 for everthing!

KT loves it and plays with it all the time.
It fits her Callico Critter toys perfect!

                                                                             joining in with


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wildflowers: Life Size Field Guide & Flower Art

A few months ago I saw this amazing craft over at the ARTFUL Parent.

So we decided to go out and search for some wild flowers and make our own Floral display!
After a beautiful walk in our village we came home with a handful!

An old picture Mat
Contact Paper - clear
Tape ( to hang on the window)

I laid it on the ground with contact paper facing up already attached to the picture Mat...The kinders placed them everywhere... No pattern, just random....

                    This part of the project took about 20 minutes.. not to long.. but they loved it!

TA DA!!!! Isn't it cheerful?
When the sun shines it's really pretty. The only thing though, was that it wasn't completely sealed so they did dry out and turn brown from the sun within 3 days... But all the more reason to go and make another one!

After we picked so many flowers.. I realized we didn't know the names of hardly any of them! So, taking a  great idea and making it ours.... from Journey into unschooling (love this blog):

I created LIFE SIZE Wild flower field guides!

I copied them on my copier/printer with a white sheet of paper on top to help with the backround, and then laminated, hole punched and put them on a Metal Ring! Easy Peasy! It only took about 30 min or so to do it.. The Kinders LOVE it!  I just bought a book on wildflowers in Europe and I labeled each on on the back for easy reference. If you live over here you NEED this book!

                                           Now we have it ready to go with their nature bags!

As you find more flowers you can keep adding to your collection with the metal ring... especially
as there are differant flowers during the seasons. Next I am going to make one with only Tree leaves.

Some awesome Coloring books for your Flower Study:
By Dover

Download many Wild Flower coloring pages from

Thank you for visiting! =)

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