Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Girl KT

Here she is.....
The climber. The artist. The encourager. The carefree risk taker. The one who is everyone's friend. The child who keeps us on our toes.  The one girl we can't imagine our daily life without!
She is 5!

We celebrated her Special birthday in Korea with Daddy. We surprised her and took her to a Hello Kitty play land in Seoul.

This was the cutest place!!!!  It was border line to old for them to play, but they had so much fun anyway!

Here they have lots of several dining areas like this... to cute!

                                She is not a cake girl, so dippin dots icecream it was! She loved it!!!

They had a little dress up area for the kids too.

playin' dress up!

Yeah for Birthdays!!!!!!
Thank you for visiting!

Hello Kitty Coloring pages

Read more: http://mylivesignature.com/mls_wizard2_1.php?sid=54488-137-8C52837CCBBCAEE171701BC57DEB967A#ixzz0l3PkK1Ce

Monday, May 30, 2011

Korea Trip

안녕하세요 (Ahn Neyong Ha Seyo) Means Hello in Korean!!!!

We had the BEST visit with my husband. The time went by slow, and we were all able to be a family together for a little while. I took over 900 pictures,(yikes!) And here are a few pictures from our adventure to share with you!

We rode in Taxi's everywhere we went. It was a little scary with no car seats, but the Lord watched over each of us! The kinders got very used to it...and when were tired of walking, they would say "let's just get a Taxi!"

                                                     We visited one of the Palaces in Seoul.

They also had a changing of the Guard, which was really cool.

A great day adventure!

During our visit, KT was quite a hit. She was like a little movie star. =) All the koreans thought she was so cute, we think because of her wide eyes... They were always taking pictures of her. Here she is below with her little fan clubs  =)
 We went to an aquarium, where we saw a 2 headed turtle! It's hard to see in the photo below, but it was amazing.

                We visited 2 amusement parks. Lotte World, and Everland... We had soooo much fun!

 Kt cracks me  up! Everytime she put on her backpack, she would do this pose. =) It was to big for her, and she would usually tip over.  Had to share!

While we were visiting, we adopted a doggie from the animal shelter my husband volunteers at on base.
This is a pic of him below. He is a Golden Pyrneese. 9 months old, and totally lazy. His name is Brinkley. He will be staying with my husband till Sept. Brinkley will fly home when my husband comes to visit.

 Birds at a petting zoo.

Thanks to daddy, our accomodations were AWESOME! He chose a great apartment and we all fit
together well. =)  

                                   We even left our "mark" on his bachelor pad when we left......=) 

Lots of shopping! Here are some pics of differant markets.
I spent a few days on my own as well into Seoul. Found some neat places...

                                  These are korean Wedding dresses made from silk...they are called Hanboks.

Here is KT hugging the ower of Han Yangs Bulgogi House resturant the last time we ate there. That was our favorite resturant in Osan.

                           A little snack goodness at the amusement park.... anyone want to try it?

                                                                 Beautiful Korea.

While we were there, we borrowed some books from the Library.....
and got a few lessons in.  =) And that's about all the school we did there!

Here is our home display of Korea to share with our friends ....

Thank you for visiting and letting us share our life with each of you!

Have a great week!



Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Giraffe That Walked To Paris FIAR STudy


I am continuing on sharing our FIAR studies we did this past year... one of Favorites!

The Giraffe That Walked To Paris by Nancy Milton

We decided to focus our Geography study on Egypt vs. France this time since we have already covered France quite a few timesthis year from other FIAR books.

Geography:We located Egypt on the Map: And followed the path La Giraffe took..

We also had a great afternoon with a hieroglyphs set!
I found this set from the Met at a  yard sale brand new for 25 cents! ( I just had to brag )

We spent the afternoon learning our names, and trying these simple words.

Last summer, our church sunday school program was Jospeh's journey through Egypt... perfect timing, and my son really enjoyed it.

One of the "before class" projects they had was this awesome wall of brown paper for the kids to draw on...
This went on for 2 months, and the kids really enjoyed it. Something you can easily do at home during your study!

What is a study on Egypt with out a little Mummy wrapping? =)

Toilet paper and water.... SO fun!
poor doggie

We spent some time looking up differant Facts about Giraffes. One of their favorites :

Why is a giraffe's tongue blue? So he doesn't get sunburned!

A fun go along we read .....

We  talked about the care of God's creatures and how Proverbs 12:10 says " A wise man is kind to his animals." We looked in the book about how they put straw around the opening in the boat , and the people do many things to care for her along the way to Paris.

In the story, the King has never seen a Giraffe, nor anyone else for that matter. So we did a little art project on drawing something we have never seen! They were really  stumped by this. =)
 But it was still fun!

Can you try to draw something you have never heard of or seen before?

On the Display table we set up our Playmobil Zoo... This was alot of fun!

KT played with this for hours!

Isn't this a fascinating story?
We are continuing on with our lapbook....

We didn't have a ton to put in the book, but we had lots of extra pages they did during the week that we added to it later.

Bible Time: Taken from the FIAR bible study guide

James 1:4
In the Story the King becomes inpatient while waiting for the Giraffe to arrive.... 32 Days by boat and 41 days to walk from Marseilles to Paris. PLUS she had to wait till the winter was over!
  We talked about how hard it is to wait sometimes for things that seem so far off... ( like daddy coming home to live with us again) Or being patient while Mama is talking to someone... Patience is something even grown ups have to work on.


I purchased this adorable pencil sketch right by the Eiffel Tower in Paris last year from the Artist himself.... just perfect for our study, and something to always remember this story by... only 5 Euro.

Another painting you can share with your child is this one:
The Nubian Giraffe by
taken from wikipedia:

 depicts one of the three giraffes sent to Europe by Mehmet Ali Pasha (another was Zarafa). This one was received by George IV in London. The gentleman shown in the top hat is Edward Cross, operator of the menagerie at Exeter Exchange and then Royal Surrey Gardens. Agasse painted many other animals from his collection.

I  had this in an old art book, and was thrilled wihen I found it. I tore it out (carefully) and placed it on our Display that week.

What a wonderful adventure we went on. I am so glad I spent the $$ on this book. All of us who do FIAR know this is out of print and hard to find under $50... So, we will keep this book forever... =)

You can view more La Giraffe Facts here

taken from wiki
She remained in Paris for a further 18 years until her death, attended to the end by Atir. Her corpse was stuffed and displayed in the foyer of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris for many years, before being moved to the museum at La Rochelle, where it remains.

 So if you have a chance, and you are in France.... stop and visit!

And Don't forget to see these amazing creatures on your next visit to the zoo!
If you can't get your hands on this book, here are some other ones that tell the story:

Lapbooking Resources Aussie Pumpkin Patch and homeschool Share resources
Giraffe Maze
Thank you for visiting us, and have an AWESOME week!
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