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Titanic Unit Study

In Honor of the Titanic's 100th Anniversary, Here is a visit to our experience  I posted 2 years ago....=)

It all started with this book, rented from the library last week... the nice man across the counter mentioned they went to an exhibit recently. I was very excited about this news, and looked it up online. Join us on our little journey...The Titanic Exhibit in Wiesbaden. Its only here till May 2010 ....

For more Titanic books available for children's study click here. We also read Polar the Titanic Bear about a month ago, and Pig on the Titanic is on my list to read with them! sounds great!

It was a fantasic Field Trip. Daddy has been taking some time off, so we saved it for a day he could come. We highly recomend this exhibit. Upon arrival, they take your photo at the entrance of the Titanic. =)

They stamped our boarding passess, and we were off ! ( these are great for their lapbook)

I also saved these for their lapbook ... they were out of english ones, but they still were nice for photos.

JT loved his listening thingy... Daddy and I were very surprised he used it the entire time.

here is a model of the Titanic. This was great for the kids to see up close.

There was a huge map of the route and where it went down.

Here we are in the replica area of the halls, very impressive. Even the floors creaked. =)

KT at the entrance to the dining area... for the 1st class passengers..

did you know that tickets were as much as 5 months pay?

some of the orginal dishes.

JT at the Entrance to the 1st class sleeping quarters.

looks like my pics got a bit mixed up, this is the 3rd class sleeping quarters below
did you know for 800 3rd class passangers they only had 2 bathrooms????

and here is the 1st class sleeping quarters.

One of the old windows.

and the most favorite part of all for the kinders... an real ICE exhibit... =) in this area, they had a video showing you how it hit the iceburg, and how large it was. They asked you to put your and on this for as long as you could stand it.. to feel what it was like to be in the water for so long...

Here in Wiesbaden marketplatz... the Titanic Exhibit. very easy to find in case you decide to go.

PSSSST: A note for the locals that might want to visit , lots of room for strollers, it was nice and quiet, and not very crowded, the staff was excellent and spoke english. The audio was also in english and free with entrance fee. Children 6 and under were free ( the website didn't state that) so that was great, also there is a bathroom halfway in, but due to it's size it's easy to get to and go back to what you were doing with no problems. they only take visa or euro. and the gift shop has something for everyone, (post cards were 1.50 ) but also only accept visa and euros. We parked in a garage just below and it was $16 euros. but there wasnt anywhere on the street to park. So we chalked it up. ( I think it was $2 euros per half hour or $16 for the day) The exhibit was good for all ages, my 3 year old got a bit bored, but there were things that stuck in her mind, and at this age... that's just dandy. =) There weren't any spots to sit down in there, there was a bench halfway through, but that's about all, so if you have to feed the baby head for the middle.. =) I believe there were no food or drinks allowed, but I can't remember.. and some spots no photography, or at least by the time we saw the sign.. we didn't take anymore pics. =) With the kids it took us about 1.5 hours to get through moving steadily, if we were without the kids we would have been there 2.5 hours or so listening to each story, and each artifacts special history.... this should give you a time frame of how the size of the exhibit. They take your picture at the entrance with their camera, and you can choose to purchase it at the end for 5 euros. It's in Sepia color

Afterwards, we went to eat at this great little cafe . Open since 1859 Maldaner's was dreamy and perfect. A MUST visit while in this town!

Here is a view of their sweets.

It's a wonderful feeling when Easter and spring are on the horizon in Europe. The store displays are absolutely beautiful ! I love staring inside shop windows...

Mama and KT

located on the marketplatz shopping area, if you are leaving the exhibit turn right on the main drag, and you will see it shorlty on your left. it was very popular with locals, if lost i am sure someone can direct you! the kids had waffels, and we had schnitzel, both were fantastic!

it was not very easy to find any printables or lapbook studies for younger children about the Titanic. I did find these cloring pages below, and I did buy the Hands of a child Titanic lapbook . I hope to do that this week with JT... But I might just save it till later, with Daddy taking time off, we are a bit behind in other school. =) I wish I would have seen this.

Now, how can you have a unit study about the Titanic without a little Boat craft? =)

Ship: made out of milk cartens and paper towel tubes, and yellow construction paper for the windows... but you can get a wooden model to build if you plan ahead. This is one is great for older kids .

everyone boarding the ship... =)

And look what we found just around the corner after our outing.....an actual CRAFT STORE!!

I thought for the first 15 minutes I was in Micheals!!!! what a wonderful feeling! This is huge you know, there is NOTHING around here in the form of a craft store, and so this made our day! be sure to check it out and bring a shopping list! =) They had a little bit of everything, some fabric, they had tons for scrapping, and a second floor of paint supplies, of all kinds... prices were very reasonable.. the fabric wasn't. Listmann is the name. Here are their hours and info

The day before we told the kids were going to see a museum about a Special boat.. and how it sank. They were so excited ( it's so easy to enterain them at this age isn't it?? =) .. but JT of course had a million and one questions, so him and I watched a few Youtube videos of the Ship sinking, and how it was built. This helped alot! So if you have a younger one and you are going to visit, this would be great for them to see first. There are some great ones on there. This particular trip showed up they are both ready for more museums and historical trips. YEAH!!!!
When we got home that night Daddy and I watched Titanic the movie as the perfect end to our trip. =) There are so many incredible stories we never heard about, and we both really enjoyed this study as well. Now, if I can just get that Celine Deon Song out of my head!!!!!!!!
Titanic Lapbook - Curr click

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