Sunday, August 22, 2010

Night of the Moonjellies FIAR Study

The first week is over! Phew! =) We had some up's and some downs, more downs then ups... But we made it through, and are so excited to share our studies this week!
Our First five in a row book this year is ....

Psalm 107:23
23 Others went out on the sea in ships;
they were merchants on the mighty waters...

It was a fun study, and being that the summer is almost over, it was a good book to start with...
I still had alot of my ocean study stuff on on display, so this was an easy one to put together.

For those of you who haven't read it, (daddy, gramma's, papas etc)

From Publishers Weekly

This beautifully illustrated picture book debut evokes the fullness of a New England childhood through descriptions of a single summer day. Seven-year-old Mark is helping at his grandmother's seaside hot dog stand, (MAR-GRAS)  purveyor of "the best lobster rolls in New England." He finds "something that felt like jelly" on the beach, but further investigation is postponed by the hubbub at the stand: "Fries crackled. Cheeseburgers sizzled. 'More rolls!' called Uncle Al. 'Rushing through!' Gram said, carrying a kettle of clam chowder up front. 'Low on straws!' Rollie shouted. I hurried to fill the box." When the busy day ends, Gram and Mark take a boat out to sea, where Mark sees an oceanful of shimmering white lights--moonjellies--and returns his to the water.

I even found this adorable little beach resturant shack for 1 euro on clearance last week! I was going to change the name of it to "Mar-Gras" isn't it fun? JT lined the area with his sea glass...

my nifty signage.

I copied this right from Mark Shasha's Web site for our display...
I added this little sand play center on the table too. I filled it with colored sand, some shells, sea glass, and real baby starfish (from gramma). This was a huge hit! they played with this ALOT.

another cool Giant starfish from gramma...

Here is a reading area,. and i filled it with Go-along books, and books about the Ocean and ocean life.

one of their favorites for life by the sea were...
Wednesday was Art day, We did our first lesson with Oil Pastels.
Kyree loved it and had a wonderful time with them..

                         JT started out having a good time, and he took a turn the wrong way...
sooo, i will show you Kyree's beautiful picture of the boat, out on the sea....

And since I don't have one of JT's to share, I will share mine. =) (we copied and then pasted the boat onto the sea)
By thursday we needed to get out of the house, at lunch time , I packed the kids up and headed out for lunch! and so where else can you find the "Mar-Gra's" Menu AND where do they wear the paper hats??
Can you think of anyone else that serves Hamburgers, Shakes and fries???

The kids were thrilled!
A very exciting time, and we of course ordered shakes too! It was their first time eating there...
I think this was a good outing!
We made our own Aquatic biome. We glued sand paper, and stickers and shells ...this was so fun!

She made 3 that day!
we also started our notebooking again..
I made each of them their own Five in a Row binder to use for all our lapbooks, and notebooking etc...

Here are a few things from each of their books this week, Most everything is from


we finished off our lesson with a trip to the Seal life center to see some Jellies!

The kids had the BEST time!!!
This was so adorable.. and so fun.

They only had one tiny jellfish though, that we saw.. which was a little sad. but still a great time!
We went with some WONDERFUL , AMAZING friends, and made a few NEW friends too!
I made all the kids a "Treasures of the Sea" hunt with a prize at the end.
I just copied some pictures of the animals I expected we would see, on both sides, laminated them, and then hole punched a string so they could wear it around their necks ( hands free). Then we gave them a sticker for each creature they spotted. At the end of the trip, if they filled up the card they got a fun goodie bag with some treasures. It was alot of fun!
I also gave each family a page of some of the ocean creatures with their names in english/German. from
And this was our beautiful adventure. God's creatures are SO AMAZING. whenever you look at sea life, you can't help but be truly in awe of  his handiwork!
By the end of the week, there was alot of fighting going on. So I closed down the school early....
here is KT earlier this week with her new school stuff that came in the mail.
she is very excited!

I made JT a Nature journal, and we had some time this week to try it out!
Here, he is drawing a tree where KT picked some pods from....

And that is our week!
And if I get attitudes like this again...I am going to call the principal home for a meeting!

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Faith said...

What a wonderful week you had! I can't wait to start our Five In A Row studies as well.

Christine said...

What fun ideas! We are getting ready to row this book soon! I will be trying some of your ideas. I can't wait to look around your site!
Thanks for sharing!

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