Monday, February 14, 2011

Katy and the Big Snow FIAR Study

 I am so behind in posting our weekly school studies. No excuse... I just got plain Lazy... But I tell myself I am allowed to becuase I am a single mama for the year. =)  By the way, We really are doing great. The Lord gives us grace each day, and we are so thankful that our time is going by pretty fast till we get to fly to Korea in April for a visit. =) We are staying busy, but I am trying not to stay to busy that we are never home. I guard our home time like a dog with a new bone! =) 

So, I would like to share with your Katy and Big Snow!

 This was a fairly simple study, and only took a week to complete. If you are still getting all that crazy weather in the states, this is a great book to read!

we started out with our bible study, and this week we studied Patience.... 

In the story Katy is waiting to go out and plow the roads, but they aren't sending her yet, they sent all the other snow plows... He had to learn to wait, this was hard for her becuase she could do everything.

So we spent an afternoon buidling our own city out of cereal boxes, and cardboard items, coloring them and setting them up in the living room. The kids had so much fun!!! They are still playing with them... weeks later!

They had a church, a hospital, a post office and another church... =)

In the study Katy Helps plow the way for the Doctor, the fireman, the postman etc.... So we took a few to learn about the differant jobs and what it takes to run a City.

A great go along was Richard Scarry's " What do People Do all day?"
Filled with all kinds of jobs that make the village work!

We also learned all about the Compass! JT loved this! We bought a small one, and lost it the first day... - =(

But we memorized North South East West and located them on the Map, JT then hung them in the right spots.

Even KT followed right along, and can tell you all about it!

Here is KT's .... Points of a Compass. =)

In the beginning of the story Katy's got a good list of qualities going... one of them is she is a 55 horse power engine... So we learned what that means..

Here is  JT's "horsepower booklet" counting by 5's to 55.

For Math we also learned about measurements by feet. We measured our living room, the table, the couch, mommy, the car, the hamster... and counted how many feet each item was... we also read a great book to go along called " how big is a foot."

There are some directional signs in the story, and for our lapbook we discussed in more detail signs we use on the road. But since we are in Germany, we don't see as many of these signs... So we learned more about European Road signs.....

This was a great book I already had, and was so glad when I found it!
we spent the rest of the week spotting them on our drives into town, and remembering what they meant!

And of course what kind of blizzard study is without making paper snowflakes??? =)
This was thier first time making them, and while there were a few mistakes, we did come out with a few fun ones!!!

our lapbook resources are from

and that is Katy!

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