Tuesday, August 13, 2013

School room

Joining in the Not back to school blog hop this week! 

We just moved into this home last summer. I realized I never had posted pictures of our school room since we moved! You view our previous school rooms here.
It has changed a bit over the last few months, but not much.... It's fun to go back to old posts and see how much we have grown.. and how our learning centers have changed. 

View from the Craft room looking into the school room....

We took out a wall to join the craft room with the school room. We love it! As we tore it out we found an old door here... Cool stuff!

                               This area holds the books of the week... I love these Ikea shelves

We have since moved the workboxes to the craft room and put a desk for KT in it's place. She has been wanting her own desk forever. Now to see if she will actually use it! =) 

Craft room:

We had to combine my sewing area, and the kids their own space as well as storage. I love the size of the room- it's average and a perfect square .. but the furniture I already own made it hard to work with. So I am slowly working on this space till we get it just right. 

 We completely re-did this room a few weeks ago.
Not sure yet how we like it.. the kids enjoy it so far. I still need to put their art on the wall... again, just using what we have already... 

                                                       Still need to finish painting.. .

I made each child their own ART WALL... They love it.  Keeps things from getting out of control too! 

With the new baby, I am nowhere near ready to start school! 

I am always inspired by the posts from other bloggers at the "Not back to school blog hop!"

 I hope to get started with school sometime in September. =) 

Thanks for visiting! 

6 Thoughtful Comments:

The Hill Hangout said...

You have a beautiful space for your children to learn. And how lucky are you to have a school room AND a craft room?!? Enjoy your year.

Unknown said...

Very unique space and you are putting it to very good use! Good luck with your new year. :)

Unknown said...

Oh, I love your room(s)! I adore the color you chose, and the combo school/craft room seems so perfect. I wish you luck with your year!

A Stable Beginning said...

You have a great space! I love how your craft room is connected to the school room. Have a blessed year!

Dawn said...

I love the arch doorway you found. Awesome. Have a wonderful school year.
Blessings, Dawn

Stefanie said...

Beautiful space. I'm just swooning over the wall color. Love it all.

Popping in from the blog hop.

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