Saturday, February 6, 2010

Field Trip- Dynamikum- Science Center

Today we went on 2 Field Trips!!! I will make seperate post about each. And then my weekly blog post after that. We went with just our family today, and it was the BEST place!
Dynamikum Science Center in Pirmasens, Germany. If you look at their website it's only in German, and you can't really tell if the kids would have fun being 5 and 3 there, or what exactly this place was... We were going to that town anyways, to the Chocolate Factory ( another post) and they had a flyer that was much more descriptive of this place, and it was definatly the perfect place for ALL AGES!

Spinning Tops..... this is one of the things i plan to put in our learning center soon... aren't these so fun? ( this was also one of the things we bought with the cash we had left... 2 tops for our collection..)

The kids loved them... There was SO much to do there, we spent 4 hours there, and could have stayed longer...
Just when KT started to get bored......she found her favorite...=) Everyone loves a Slinky! I asked daddy to build us these steps for our learning center...=) I asked him to build ALOT of stuff after this trip!

They had section on Animals- footprints, and how fast they run and move ... very interesting. JT here with his elephant feet!

This description for the Jesus lizard... i bet you wouldn't see this in the US as a description. =)

And for a little break..... SLIDES! right next to the Cafe... which was incredibly cheap. we didn't see anything over 2 euros each. that included sandwhiches, drinks and all kinds of things. very family friendly.

This was Daddy's and JT's favorite part, I think.... You get to race an animal to see who runs the fastest. It clocks you and your speed... you can race a kanga roo- elephant, turtle, dog, etc... they did this over and over and over. very cool!

And a special brain teaser section for all ages!

here is a puzzle... the goat the wolf and the carrot need to cross the island in the boat, you can only take one at a time... but you can't leave the goat, and the wolf or the wolf will eat the goat, you can't leave teh goat and the carrot or the goat will eat the carrot.. how do you get them all across? =)

This was fanastic! KT had just about had enough of this place, and then we came up some MORE kinder fun!

There was so much to do there! I would suggest a day and taking time to eat, and drink... as we were exhausted by the end of the day. We will definatly go back. I wish we would have known about this place sooner. This is a great place for Papa's & Grandma's to take the kids. A great learning experience for all!
For Local folks.. they spoke english everywhere.. they dont take cards, so bring cash. they have an incredible and VERY affordable unique gift shop( i would have spent 50 euros there if we would have had more cash on hand, everything was so neat) , so bring $$$ for that as well. ( and the cafe) our family was 25 euros to get in... parking was 3.50 for 4 hours. parking was in a garage right under the building. very easy. there were bathrooms on each level, and right when you walk in. very clean! There is also a locker and Coat rack to put yoru belongings ( and a baby changing station there as well) .. a plus in the winter! very airy, stroller friendly.
Being a saturday, it wasn't to crowded but it also wasn't empty... we did have to wait a few minutes for some things, but we just did something else, so that worked out. but i would suggest going on a weekday, and right when they open. make sure you GO!!!!!!!!!
If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to help!

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Anonymous said...

How did I miss this Science Center?? Landon will never forgive me if he finds out about this place. :) I LOVED the Jesus lizard that walks on water. Your right...wouldn't find that in the states unless your at a Christian museum. So sad...

The chocolate museum also looks like fun. Very yummy! You always find SO many hidden treasures.

Thanks for sharing your fun with us! :) BIG hugs to one of the most adorable families ever! Miss you....Roxanne

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