Saturday, February 6, 2010

Field Trip- German Chocolate Factory

It All started out with Daddy wanting to start reading JT a Chapter book before bed time every night... He went to the library and picked out a book for them....They just finished The chocolate Touch;By Patrick Catling. JT loved it! Which lead me to look for a lapbook study...
With our lapbook ready to go, I then thought how cool it would be to go with Daddy and the family on a Field trip to the Chocolate Factory???? Sadly, We had to wait the last 3 weekends due to bad weather and driving conditions.. But today we made it! (Lapbook pics to follow...)
Only 40 min away from our area, this is a great visit for the kinders.
WAWI Schoko Welt (chocolate world)

It is a self lead tour- with views through a glass window of the factory. It wasn't crowded at all, so we were able to take our time watching as long as we wanted. They had some information along the walls about the history of Chocolate.. (only in german)

we suggest watching this I love Lucy episode before heading to this factory.. it will make you smile. =)

see?? =)

With Easter around the corner, this was very exciting for the kinders to see. We were really surprised at all the detail and work that goes into a chocolate bunny that sells for just 1 Euro!
check out the giant bunny below!

they had a mini museum they called, i say more like a few shelves... of older templates... very cool..

this was an old machine that you push the lever with your foot, and the chocolate pours out the top to fill the moulds... this was an old Santa mould.

another old Easter bunny mould.

free tastings of course!

If you know JT you know this picture below is his way of shopping...

It was a great visit. we were there 1 hour.. so it doesn't take to long. Their factory prices were GREAT.
now to finish our chocolate lapbook by homeschool bits. =)
This is what I love about homeschooling, you never know where it will take you.. =)

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